Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The First Email!!!

Last Friday I received an email from Malary. Her p-day (preperation day: when she has time to write and respond to emails and letters) is Thursday, so don't expect an immediate response from her if you do email or write her. Enjoy reading her letter, i know I did. (I read it everyday!) I sure miss her, but I am so excited for her too! FYI, you know you've raised your kids right when they reference "Holes" in their email. HAHA!

Hey Greenwood family!!

So I'm allowed to write really quick saying that I got here safe and sound. My lengthy descriptions will come in my Thursday P-Day letter next week. Jennie dropped me off after talking me to lunch and showing me the BYU campus. So cool! Tell her thank you so much and her advice is helping a lot. I stepped off the plane into 31 degrees and BUUUURRR. But now I'm already used to it and love it. It's 43 degrees now and feels so good! We don't even where jackets anymore. The MTC is amazing!! I felt so welcome as SOOOOOO many missionaries welcomed us. I never felt alone here. We where this "dork dot" which is a bright orange circle on our tags so EVERYONE knows. Oh, wearing that tag? I've waited so long and it feel outstanding. My teacher is Brother Hipp who is totally hip. Haha I have a few letter coming to y'all so look for those. Don't worry... I'm not pulling a Stanley Yelnats from Holes camp letter!! It really is great. The food is awesome. No OJ for me cause the bad rumors are true apparently. But the chocolate milk is Ah-MAZING. So are these wrap sandwiches we fill Subway style. Yummmm. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY!!!! I'm sending you a card too. Tell Grandma Happy Birthday too since I wont get to email before then. I'm sending her a card too! I'm glad Audrey's pig, Miriham, is cute. NO BABY GOATS? Geesh... send me pics when they do come. Yes, please send those letter to Elder Neal, and Sis Garrett. Tell Debbie and Lucette thank you so much for everything and they will love the bread. Tell Grandpa thanks for the email but I can't reply till Thursday. I'm bummed I didn't meet Robby's girlfriend. Send pictures if you have any. I'm sure she's super sweet and too good for him. Send Mrs Dapper my love and gratitude for teaching me so much by example. 

My heart is always burning because of the spirit here. Ill tell you all about my district later. They are amazing. And my companion....PERFECT!! Sister Pollard (Paul-ard). She's from Idaho and very musically and spiritually talented. We teach our first investigator tonight!! So stoked. Plus, we are the music coordinators for next Sunday so Ill get to play hymns as she leads (from the easy hymn book...whew...). We share a room with Sister Clark and Sister Powell. They are also so sweet. Sister Clark french braided my hair yesterday. We are definitely getting to be close. Sisters even! haha We are all goin' deep in the heart on Texas on down to San Antone!! Yay! Two other elders in my district are too, and the other two are going to the Washing D.C. mission. I'm sending big hugs and kisses to daddy, mom, Robby, Audrey, Joey, Frank, and Brian.  

A few things Mom.... 1) tell Bishop Kolb (if he can) to mail me 8 of those little My Missionary Commissions he gives to missionaries before I leave here to give my district 2) the approximate date for us to leave the MTC is April 2nd 3) before i forget, mail my easy hymn book to the mission home before I leave here. Thank you so so so much. I'm excited, excelling, and exhausted here. Love you ALL.. or LOVE ALL YA'LL!

Sister Malary Greenwood

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

good bye for 18 months!

Malary and Frank

Malary and Brian

Malary and Robert

Malary and Audrey

Malary and Joey

Malary and dad

Malary and mom

Leaving and arriving all on the same day!

18 months and this is all you take?

4:00am at the Airport! Bye Malary!

Departing Ontario for Salt Lake!

Malary arriving at the MTC.
Today we all woke up at 2:00am and dragged ourselves to the Ontario Airport. Malary was beaming as she hauled her luggage to the check in counter. Bags checked, last goodbyes and hugs and up the escalator she went to catch her plane to Salt Lake, UT. We left feeling excited and already missing her! This last picture was sent to me from Jenny Taylor, a friend and Malary's YSA Relief Society President from last year. Jenny picked her up from the airport and took her to the MTC for us. Thanks Jenny! We won't hear from Malary for a few days, so until then please keep her in your prayers.

What does that mean?
MTC: Missionary Training Center. This is where Mal will spend a couple weeks being taught and preparing herself to head on down to San Antone.
YSA: Young Single Adult. This is the age Malary is in our church.
Relief Society: is a philanthropic and educational women's organization and an official auxiliary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). It was founded in 1842 in Nauvoo, Illinois, USA and has approximately 6 million members in over 170 countries and territories.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Last night Sister Greenwood was set apart to serve in the Texas, San Antonio mission for the next 18 months. It was a wonderful experience with lots of tears and love. The spirit was strong and confirmed to all of us she has made the right decision to go on a mission. I will be updating her blog with her mission letters once a week and info from her mission. I will also keep up her facebook. I will post all the pictures she sends as well. She wants to hear from you all, so keep in touch! Thanks for your support and prayers.
The Greenwoods