Monday, December 22, 2014

Malary's November (yes, all of November)

Nov 3rd
Oh Greenwood family, how you crack me up, let me count the ways.

I loved the pictures. A lot. President S called me Thursday night and told me that Daddy's surgery went well. It was so nice of him and he said you emailed him or something. President Slaughter is pretty much my mission father. Sister S is my mission mommy. I can't wait for you to meet them. Thank you for the update! Glad all is going well. Sounds super crazy and sometimes I wish there was more I could do to help out. It's weird not being there! I hope and pray he heals well and quickly.

You are superwoman. Grandma told me, I don't know how your mom does it. I know how though. It's a super strength that I've felt a bit of here in Texas. The power of the Savior. He is truly with you in every decision, every step, every new bandage dressing, every sigh of exhaustion. I'm understanding more of that. Sister B is great. There's never a day when she doesn't make me laugh. We are trying to stay busy. This time change threw off our groove a bit but there are exciting changes happening in the ward. It's going to burst with people read to join Christ's true church.
So many AMAZING miracles this week. I wish I could just type them all. A very sweet experience happened on Sunday though. We didn't have a dinner so we were going to go home but was talking about it with our amazing Relief Society president. A sister in our ward overheard, came up and said, "Yall can eat with us." The RS Pres asked "when are you eating?" "As soon as we get home!" she answered. Turns out, they were having their Thanksgiving meal that day because their 18 year old son leaves for his mission to the Philippines this week. It was so nice! The meal was SO good. I'm so grateful for their sweet family. They just set two extra plates and we had thanksgiving dinner! It was so fun. Some of their kids spouses were there too and they were all swapping mission stories. Crazy stories from places like Taiwan and Madagascar. It was hilarious. I just imagined that's how dinners will be with all our family sharing stories and laughing. It was such a blessing. I have so many mission stories for you;) Hahaha I love all yall buckets full.

Sister Malary Greenwood

Pictures! Decorated pumpkins with stuff Grandma sent me. "The Chosen Pumpkin" if you will with the famous scar.
My life long dream came true. We were helping to set up our Halloween party and the guy in charge asked us if we....drum roll please.........wanted to be the pie contest judges!!!!! We tasted seven pies. It was the greatest experience on my mission thus far;) Haha love you.

Nov 10
Howdy mi familia,

I loved the pictures. I bet those turkeys will be so delicious! There were three winning pies and everyone was good sports. This oen mom like fist pumped in the air when she won haha A sweet older lady in our ward is having us over for Thanksgiving. It will be just her and her daughter. She's a return missionary and super sweet. I'm glad Dad is healing. Sounds like good progress though. I wish there was more I could do. We are so blessed to have such amazing family around. You and dad and the kids will make it through no doubt about it. Like you said, the Lord will bless us. I think of what Elder Holland has said though something like, "Some blessing come now, some blessing come later, and some don't come til heaven. But I promise you, they come." Watch the Good Things To Come mormon message. It's pretty much my favorite and totally relatable to our family. I miss Veterans day parade! I can't believe it's almost been a year without Morfar. I talk about him a lot to people.

The work is hastening. The Lord's timing is perfect. We see amazing miracles every single day. I'm so so happy and I feel so loved. Austin is weird. I love it. This ward is truly amazing and these families are so great. This one family is so redneck and amazing. For Halloween they dressed up in all camo. Their daughter who is a beehive is pretty much A's twin. To church she wore a button up collared shirt with a big belt buckle over it and her worn out cowboy boots. Seriously, they are twins. Sister B says hello! She can't wait to meet y'all. We had to take our car into the shop on Saturday so it was pioneer missionary days for us! Haha We walked all around. The weather is perfect right now but it's getting cold.

We stopped by this old couple that can't really investigate or progress because of dementia and health problems but they feel the spirit so strongly. The husband was asking us these kind of deep questions. We were answering totally by the Spirit and we opened up about some things he's been pondering about basically if God knows him. He started to weep. He's like 90 years old. He said what he heard from us was an answer from God. That was so special to be a part of. We don't even remember what we said. Because it wasn't our words. I love them so much. I just love the families here.
Love you so much. Hope you like all the pictures!

Dinner with the I’s who are basically the Austin, TX version of the Greenwoods.
Deer!!! Just roamin on people's lawns.
My sweet comp Sister B
It's rained for a few days straight but that don't stop missionaries!!
Lost the mail key for like four days. All that mail was so exciting even though most of it wasn't for us! haha

Love you xoxoxo

Nov. 17th
The pictures cracked me up. Especially that hideous mustache thing. Oh and the family Christmas picture. Oh my those boys crack me up!! Glad daddy is feeling better
Yes, we are freezing cold. I'm such a sissy. Apparently this humid cold is a lot worse than regular cold and snow. The ward is amazing. The bishop is so inspired and such a man of God. Sister B makes me laugh every day and the work is the Lord's work. I'm learning so much I can't even write about it all.
So we've been really just knocking and walking a lot. We are trying some new ideas and approaches though. This week a guy answered who the window cleaning guy had just walked out. Sister B asked if his windows were all clean now and he said yeah. "Well," I said, "We do the inside cleaning." We laughed and he chuckled but apparently I'm not very funny... We met people that I know the Lord sent us to even if they didn't want us in it was a reminder to them. Great things are going to happen in this area. We feel it. Oh! I even started talking to this girl in the parking lot because she had a sweatshirt for a ranch on and a horse necklace. I was wearing my horseshoe nail necklace from daddy and totally sparked a kinship. The next day we met her and her dad and they were very nice but weren't interested in learning more. But I just love these people!

Most of all though, I love yall and pray for you all the time.
Sister Malary Greenwood

Nov 24th

Love you more than the number of cowboys hats and boots in Texas.

The capitol building was really fun. Very Texan. I met the cutest little girl who was there for her "Wish". She was fighting cancer and dressed up like a ranger. She was like 10 I think and super cute.
Thanksgiving is going to be awesome. I don't know how, but we are going to the H's house in our ward and the K’s. The K’s are like classic country Texans. Their daughter is the one that reminds me of Audrey. The dad has always had this huge beard. He came over and talked to us at church one day about Thanksgiving and I totally didn't recognize who he was. He shaved his beard! I wasn't sure why since all the men in their family have a huge beards. But then during the opening part of sacrament, he stood up to be the new high council man. Yup. He had to shave. Their family is so awesome. I'll be sure to take pictures. Have fun with the missionaries over for Thanksgiving. Those lucky Elders! I have no idea what I want for Christmas. Maybe just some clothes money since my skirts are falling apart. Haha.There's quite a few Goodwills around here. Anything yall want from deep in the heart of Texas? I'm so excited for pie. There were three that one different awards but the chocolate coconut one was so good. Transfers are in like 2 weeks.

So.... what yall have been waiting for... drum roll please. I was in a car accident. People immediately were there to help. The other driver was totally ok and we were shaken up but fine. You know I haven't really been in an accident before so that was freaky but the firefighters were AMAZING. They cracked jokes the whole time and really really helped us out. The Elders came and picked us up and gave us blessings after everything. Prayer is so real. There were angels in the car. The prompted prayers around was so inspired. They came from Sister B’s family was well. I've learned so much. The Atonement of Jesus Christ can heal all wounds physical and spiritual. We keep working hard. We walked a lot and then members started helping us out and we've had miracles. We've taught great people. OH! That pregnant lady we met a month or so ago? SHE CALLED US! Her mother was coming into town. She asked if we'd still be willing to come help her. She had her baby and needed help around the house. We were so excited!! She's amazing. We invited her to our stake Christmas Musical program coming up. She's very active in her own church but she felt something. We taught some great people this week! Hopefully they will progress and keep allowing us to share with them. I love this ward. The people are so amazing and help us out with anything. The bishop is so amazing and we love him. He cracks me up. I love them and these amazing families here.

All is well. All is well. Hurrah for Israel! Leavin' it all on the field. Love all yall!
Sister Malary Greenwood

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Here it is! An Update! This is sept 29-all of October :) enjoy!

I have been swamped. I am going to try and get the blog updated within the next day or so... enjoy this update for now!

Sept 29th
The pictures had me cracking up. Those boys are too cute. It's so much fun being in a family ward and getting to know the kids. We have some hoodlums in the ward and so many of the families remind me of yall. This one family, the I’s, have won my heart. They have five kids who are SUPER hilarious and crazy and their parents are amazing. Sister I came to a lesson with a new investigator and she testified so strongly of how the gospel has blessed her family. I thought of you momma. I thought of you going out with the missionaries and being so strong. Thank you. You will have to meet Sister I someday. Y’all will be great friends I think. Keep being like a family to those Elders. They are so grateful I just know it. They are so blessed to be with y’all.

The new area and ward is amazing! I kind of miss the ghetto though. There's no ghetto here! We knocked a street called Frodo Cove. And there's middle earth, Baggins cove, and Hobbiton. Pretty fun! It's been drizzly and so gorgeous the past week. I love it here. I love the ward so much. We have been experience nonstop miracles here. There hasn't been a baptism in over a year in this ward and we are working so hard so find people.

I'm so excited for general conference! The prophet of God, the prophet of the whole earth, the prophet who has all the priesthood keys of this last dispensation is going to speak to us. Invite friends to watch it! I loved the General Women's meeting. The Spirit was so strong. I'm so grateful that women that powerful lead the auxiliaries and for President Uchtdorfs inspired words. That day had been a little rough, so everything he said hit Sister B and I and we know God loves us. We know there are families in this area waiting for us to find and teach them. We are so blessed and so loved. More than we could ever comprehend. I look forward to your letter and I'll write you back. Tell the kids I love them lots. Tell Brian he's going to be a better missionary then me. I tell people about the kids all the time I love you so much and I can feel the prayers and love every day. Hope you can too.

Hurrah for Israel! Sister Malary Greenwood

Oct 6th
 I'm so glad you sent me the strawberry shortcake pictures. Just yesterday at a dinner with a family we were talking about traditions and I mentioned the conference shortcakes and how daddy always puts more whipped cream then the actual strawberry shortcake. So when I saw that picture I was laughing and Sister B saw so now she understands. Hahaha  Sister B says hi! I love her. She is such an awesome teacher. In role plays this morning she really testified with the Spirit. Also, we got to watch Meet the Mormons. It's pretty much the greatest movie ever. It's so cute, hilarious, and entertaining filled with gospel truths take the family and lots of friends to go see it. I loved it!

Those pictures keep on getting better and better!! Y'all crack me up. Oh! I've been adding to my Texas drawl as people talk with us. Here's our vocab from the past week.
Howdy- We were formally greeted with a howdy yesterday and it made our day. We will now be using it regularly.
Fixin' - lazy verb, you've been meaning to do something but are occupied with other things
Mosquiter- noun, an annoying buzzer that leaves your legs and arms covered in bites. The appropriate way to get rid of them is to wait for it to land and slap it while hollerin' "MOSQUITER!"
Sugar- noun, an affectionate term used by mostly older people when you say something nice to them. "Aw sugar, thanks for offering!"
Supper- dinners in Texas are so diverse, delicious, and dangerously hearty meals.

General Conference was amazing. We cannot wait for the ensign issue to come out for us to study them. The talks were so direct, simple, powerful, and inspired. We need to follow the prophet and our leaders with all we've got because that's how we show our love and obedience to the Lord. We will have all eternity to reflect on the choices we made in our earthly lives. I loved Tad R. Callister's talk about parents being the prime gospel teacher. You two were definitely that for us kids. So many times I thought of y'all during conference. I loved that one prayer when he prayed for the missionaries families. One of the Elders was like, "I bet my mom is bawling right now." Haha But I hope yall feel our prayers cause we sure feel yours.

Thank you so much for sharing Brian's umping experience. There are so many gospel truths in that lesson that I'm sure he will remember forever. It's so true and that's how it is out here. I don't back down from what I know to be true. Yes, there's A LOT of repenting involved. Like the brother said in conference, you have to get really really good at repenting..." I just love being a missionary so much. There are life changing and building experiences that I can't wait for all the kids to have. The Lord truly molds you to your divine potential. One man the other day said some stuff to us when we knocked on his door that for any shaky person not built on the foundation of Christ might have fallen. But our faith was unshaken. Our feet were firm. I looked him right in the eye and thanked him for his honesty. There were SO many things I could have said or Sister B could have testified of, but we both felt that we just needed to leave a Christ like impression on him. We are the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Defend you beliefs. Be Christ like and defend them!

Leavin' it all on the field!
Love all y'all so much!
Sister Greenwood

Pictures! A few with other sisters on exchanges, a scorpion we found in our bathroom, and so on.

It was so fun seeing the Parks! It was such a great surprise and made me feel so happy and loved. They called me Malary and I forgot everyone calls me that! Haha I loved Meet the Mormons. I'm so glad you went to see it! Looking at the pictures last week was the first time I looked at the kids and thought, Wow, they look older. Yikes! The B’s picture was the cutest thing. I loved it and it made me so happy. I didn't know the boys met Sister Wixam! Cool!
Happy almost anniversary! Are you going to do anything special? Fallbrook Cafe? I love you so much.

I loved your missionary joke. Here's mine: What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator! haha

A really amazing experience this week happened when we were out proselyting. A young pregnant mother who had spoke with Elders a long time ago let us in. We taught the restoration and she was asking so many sincere questions. We testified the whole time and the Spirit was so strong. After we closed with a prayer she was crying. She was like "I'm so sorry! I'm fine. I'm just pregnant!" Sister B and I love her so much. She was feeling the Spirit so strongly. She's having her baby this week and hopefully we can help her out.

Everyday miracles are there. A funny one was we were out tracting and Sister B had to use the bathroom really bad and there wasn't any close gas stations or anything. So I said, "well let’s just go to one more house. Don't worry, they will know who we are and let us in." Of course I was hoping for it...but it seemed unlikely. We knock on the next house and it was an active members house!!!!! Sister B hadn't been there yet so we didn't know that's where they lived. She used the bathroom and we thanked God knowing He is mindful of us and how situations.

Keep helping your missionaries in your wards as much as possible. Just bearing your testimony to someone, inviting, and praying for hem blesses their efforts in every way.

Love you lots!
Sister Malary Greenwood

Oct 20
Fun! The pictures are so great! Sounds like it was a fun anniversary and birthday party! The story of Sister Wixam cracked me up so much. Those boys... Hahaha We are going to visit the pregnant girl later this week maybe. Bring her some flowers or cookies maybe. Sister B says hello! She amazing. She makes me laugh all the time. She even says, "Holy cow Batman!" Hahaha I hope that I get pictures of baby Nubians when they come!

Elder H that spoke in General Conference about the sacrament spoke in our stake conference and all the missionaries get a conference with just him! He speaks with the power and authority of God. He represents the prophet to us in a way that is so amazing. I learned so much from him during Stake Conference. The Spirit really touched my heart and testified to me things I needed to know. This week went by so fast! Transfer calls are this Sunday but I hope Sister B and I stay here together.

This is a picture of our district! Every district meeting is inspired and helps us improve our areas. They are great leaders. Glad to hear all is well. I love yall so much and pray all goes well with everything. 

Love Always, Sister Greenwood

Oct 27
Hello Greenwoods,

Amen. Life never slows down. I'm so happy to have been in a family where God comes first. I've seen the opposite here. So many people here tell us, "I'm too busy right now" or "Now's not a good time." No time for God?! He literally made time for you. He gave you everything. His Son's gave His entire life you so you could have eternity! We need to make time for God or we will always be too busy.

The ward is so amazing. I love them. Hopefully things start to pick us as they invite their friends and neighbors to hear the restored gospel. We are put in people’s lives by God for that reason. Yup, we will be going to trunk or treat the day before Halloween. Not sure for actual Halloween what we are doing, Hopefully teaching. This is going to be an interesting transfer with quite a bit of change. Good change. I'm excited for what the Lord has in store Good to hear all the updates. I've been thinking about daddy a lot. Praying for him. Recovery pictures will be great!

Love you so so so much,
Sister Greenwood

Pictures: This AMAZING buger place called Burgerfi. I got the breakfast one that was super delicious. They brand all their buns haha we went to a landfill with a sweet nonmember lady who buys clothes for people getting out of prison. We got so many clothes! It was fun. Oh, and a street called Tracton ba dum chee!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Transfered to Austin

Hi Greenwood family!

It was so weird moving and thinking, "No one knows where I am!" Haha So in the San Antonio transfer meeting, they started call out where they go one zone at a time and call out the new companionships in each area. South Zone (where I was) is always last. So the Assistant to the President gets to South Zone and I'm still sitting there... They finish the call outs and he says, "The rest of you....are going to Austin." WHAT?! Leaving San Antonio?! I had mixed emotions of happiness, excitement, and nervousness. They told us the Austin van leaves at 10:30. I got my stuff, loaded it in the trailer going to Austin, and we packed in the van! Crazy! It was a two hour car ride. We passed right by the Capitol. At Austin transfer meeting we did it all over again with call outs. I'm now in the Oak Hills Zone in the Hill Country Ward with my new companion Sister B. 

 Austin is beautiful. It's so green, lots of trees, clean, and fast paced. This area I'm in is like upper middle class so it's a huge change from South San Antone. Some people from the ward thought that we could be actual Sisters. Sister B sings BEAUTIFULLY. We have so much work to do here. The Hill Country ward is so strong. A FAMILY WARD! I can't believe I've missed cry children and 12 year olds passing the sacrament. It already feels like home. The ward is so nice and supportive. One of the members was like, "Burrows and Greenwood. You need to open a country store or lumber yard or something!" Hahaha Well, I'm in Austin. I love it. We are doing great with so much work to do. Leaving Palo Alto felt like I was leaving home again. But I'm already loving Hill Country. We live with a member who is a return sister missionary. I went to shake her hand the first time I met her and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the biggest bear hug. It was pretty hilarious. It's really fun here and I'm so happy! Thank you so much for the emails, prayers, and love. 
After a long day, I guess it was time for IN-N-Out! I didn't know they had those in Texas!

In the transfer van to Austin!

New Companion, Sister B.

Love all yall! 
Sister Greenwood

Monday, September 8, 2014

Texas Waffles and Greenwood st

Sister Greenwood on Greenwood st!

Texas shaped waffle consumed in Texas. Doesn't get much better :)
Hello family,

I laugh and laugh when I read your emails and look at the pictures. I makes me feel so happy! I feel like I'm still in the loop. I love your emails. Texans are amazing people, the weather is amazing, and the work is moving forward. I cannot tell you the amazing experiences with prayer that I've had. Writing in down in an email would not to it justice. The Lord hears me. He answers me. He loves me. I'm so grateful that the priesthood is restored. Jesus Christ's power is on the earth to bind families for time and all eternity! The Book of Mormon testifies that Jesus is the Savior of the world. It provides such peace, comfort, counsel, and love. I LOVE being the Lord's servant. 

We were out last Sunday and college football season is starting and people are a little extreme here in Texas. Anyways, there's a group of five older men drinking and standing outside while their kids played in the street. I just knew we had to talk with them. My companion was a little concerned, but we went for it trusting in the Lord. We taught them the restoration of the gospel right there. I could testify that my life was blessed because I have a father who is a worthy priesthood holder. At the end of our short powerful lesson, they wanted to know more. It's amazing the way the Lord steers us to where we are supposed to be and who we are supposed to talk to. We had dinner with this amazing girl in our branch and she took us on St. Mary's University campus to the cafeteria. After we ate, we would see her friends in the cafeteria and she'd say, "Hey! Can we share a message with you?" We had three lessons and she did an amazing job testifying! On the way out this kid asked if we wanted to play some game going on for students. He said, "Want to play the game?" She said, "Can we teach you something?" We had a good laugh about it, but it was so amazing. Turns out he has two friends on missions and wants to learn! Miracles all day long. I'm so happy. Thank you for your prayer and letters and love. 

I'm leaving in all on the field. Hurrah for Israel!

Love you,
Sister Greenwood

Try Stepping Up

Here she is in her "Think Outside, no box required" shirt her dad bought for her in Philmont Scout ranch, NM this summer. She loves it!
 Sister Greenwood sent this email last week. 9/1/14
She explained what she learned from her mission president. He is the man who oversees all the missionaries in the San Antonio mission. Malary loves him and his wife. She

takes to heart all the wonderful things his wife and him are teaching. She is blessed to serve in a mission with such incredible leaders.

President Slaughter did a training for the zone that we are in, South Zone or San Antonio Stake, and he taught us about true worship. He said, "Worship is the soul’s surrender to God. It is more than a simple random or sporadic prayer. It is more than simply participating in an ordinance every now and then. It is living in the light of the Lord constantly. You worship by the way you walk as you share the gospel; you worship as you give service to others; you worship as you offer a smile to a stranger on the street; you worship as you uplift and encourage another." Then he gave us some examples of stepping in up. Moving up a level in faith and worship. Try stepping up one of these this week or think of your own. It's amazing. Also, just every day I pray so hard for certain things. Even when I know I'm not worthy of them. I really have drawn closer to Heavenly Father. I'm learning to change my will, my dreams, my desires, to His will, His way, His time. He can see the servant I am to become. It is truly amazing the answers I receive to my prayers. Sometimes almost immediately. I am a witness that God knows us. He loves us. He answers our prayers in His way. His way is the best way. I love y'all so much and I can't thank y'all enough for the prayers, thoughts, letters, and love. It's amazing here in Texas and to be a representative of the Lord.

It is one thing to "say" a prayer;
It is another to cry unto God with all your heart.

It is one thing to develop love towards others;
It is another thing to be filled with the pure love of God.

It is one thing to participate in the sacrament;
It is another to partake of the goodness and grace and mercy of the Holy Messiah.

It is one things to "have" faith;
It is another to rely wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save.

It is one thing to "make" a sacrifice for God;
It is another to offer your whole souls unto him righteousness.

It is one thing to "share" a testimony at Church;
It is another to be a witness of God at all times and in all places.

It is one thing to attend church;
It is another to live in the light of the gospel daily.

It is one thing to listen to a prophet’s voice;
It is another thing to submit to his counsels.

It is one thing to read Book of Mormon stories;
It is another to be changed by Book of Mormon doctrine.

LOVE YOU! xoxoxo Sister Greenwood
Three beautiful daughters of God.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Texas in the Summer! I've outdone myself this time :) HA! Six letters available for you to catch up on now! Enjoy the pics too!

Once again I am posting a massive update. Busy summer kept me away from my computer. Sister Greenwood is doing great and experiencing a lot of amazing things. Thank you to all of you who encourage her, support her, email, write, send gifts, etc. She loves you all. Enjoy :)

July 21

Sister F is amazing. We have grown so close and work so hard. There will be a baptism this Saturday for the most elect young man we've ever taught. I'm so excited to send you his picture and story next week. Also, there is a trainee who will be getting baptized August 2nd after he graduates BMT. Finding, teaching, and baptizing future fathers is so important. Worthy priesthood holders are the most important thing for families to stay active and go to the temple. Oh! We will find out about transfers August 3rd. Sister I goes home that week! Crazy! Grandma sent us a party box for Sister F's birthday on Friday. It was so cute! She loved it a lot.

Sister F and I went on exchanges this past week with the Sister Training Leader Leaders (STLLs) from Austin, TX. They are spiritual, amazing, Christ like examples. They teach with the power and authority of their calling. I went with Hermana (she's Spanish speaking called) C. She goes home the same time as Sister F in October. I learned so much from the half day exchanges we had. I learned how to be more family focused in finding. The role of the father is of divine design. The role of the mother is also eternally important. The last house we went to (trying to visit a less active member) a father answered holding one of his children. He had just moved in and had no idea who the person was we were looking for. We explained who we were and asked if we could share a message about how his family could be together forever because Jesus Christ restored His church to the earth. He said yes. Right on his door step, Hermana C and I shared the Restoration of the gospel. We testified how important the priesthood is and how he could have that priesthood to lead his family. We asked if we would want that for his family. "Yes," he said, "I need it." The spirit was so strong. Yes, he does need it. The salvation of his family depends on it. That father will learn, teach his family, be baptized, and receive the priesthood of God to raise his family. AH-MAZING. The Elders that get to teach him are so blessed!

I love it here. This is where I'm supposed to be right now.

Love you so much!!!!!!!!
Sister Greenwood
On exchanges

Sister F's birthday box Mal's grandma sent. How fun!

July 28
Hola mi familia!

It got up to like 100 somethin' degrees. Humidity is so weird but it doesn't bother me much. On Saturday we biked like 15 miles total. It was CRAZY! But so fun and we have some good laughs. I'm so happy you dedicated every Wednesday! That's going to help the Lord's work so much. We have members that do things like that and I can't even describe how much of a blessing it isThere's a girl in our singles branch doing a mini mission. Look into that for Audrey and Robert if there are any because that's extremely awesome.
Saturday July 26th, 2014. The baptism of S! At the very end of June, Sister F and I were riding our bikes trying to visit people. Nothing. Nobody. It was hot and we were starting up a hill. We made it a goal that day to talk with everyone. S was one of them. Sister F felt prompted to talk to him. Turns out, he was atheist until he was 16 years old. When he wanted to find the love of God he started going to a Protestant church. He told us something was always missing. We testified that this is what's missing. He asked for a card so we have him a pass along card with our number on it. He ended up calling the pass along card number and talked to Temple Square Sister missionaries for an hour. The Elders in our area got the media referral. They called him and S said he talked to two Mormon girls on bikes. They gave us his number and we called to set up a time to meet. The first lesson with S was amazing. And every lesson after that. It always felt like he was teaching us. He has a strong faith in Christ and knows that this is Christ's church on the earth again. He's so funny and a great kid. He attends the YSA branch and is even thinking about a mission. He's got a year to think about it but he's so faithful and strong. His parents are very supportive and very sweet people. S was a huge blessing and answer to my prayers. The Lord can do anything. S was taught and baptized in the course of a month. He was so ready and will be receiving the priesthood next Sunday. I cannot write accurately how joyful I feel. He's such a special kid and Heavenly Father loves him so much. The Lord is preparing people. The Lord is hastening His work. The Lord hears and answers prayers. The Lord loves each of us. I'm so grateful to be working on His time, in His way, and by His Spirit.

I love you so much!!!!!
Sister Malary Greenwood

Another Baptism. Malary loves this young man and is inspired by him.

Aug 4
Hola familia!

Transfer calls came last night. Sister F is going to be leaving!! She's going to be a Sister Training Leader in Austin. She's going to be a great leader and I'm so excited for her. And Sister Greenwood? Drum roll please................Staying!! There are going to be big changes in the mission. We are both so excited for transfer meeting Thursday. Lots of sisters are coming in and the mini mission young men and young women will be there. They live the missionary life for one week. My area here, Palo Alto, won't be covering the air force base any more. Our Sundays conflict times. One of the wards here just split because it was so big so the new missionaries that they will be getting will probably cover base. I'm so grateful and blessed to have served on base. I had amazing experiences and felt the Spirit so much. One of the first things I asked one of the Assistant to the President Elders when I got to Texas was if there was a military base in the mission. Come to find out that's where they placed me first. The Lord's hand is in it all. The priesthood of Jesus Christ is on the earth again. The power is real. Jesus Christ is my Savior. God answers prayers. My testimony is growing firmer and firmer every day. I'm so thankful for the prayers on my behalf and for all of the other hard working missionaries in the world. I love yall so much.

Sister Greenwood  
On exchanges with Sis B

Aug 11
Hello Momma,

Sounds like everything is great! The summer went by fast. Back to school, huh? That was so fast. I'm so grateful for seminary. They will be too! I'm doing amazing. Texas is great and so is the Lord's work. Brother and Sister E mailed me the sweetest note with $20. Tell them thank you if you see them. I'm going to write them back today. Tell the Peterson's hi! I want to know what stake/ward they are in. My mission president's wife is so amazing. Every time she speaks to us you know you're going to learn something and hear an amazing story from her life. I can't believe Sister I is home. It goes by so fast. I miss your goat cheese. So amazing. Eat extra for me! The sisters love the pictures I have of our family. Especially with the goats. Tell daddy hi and I love him too. I pray for yall lots I miss all of you lots, but this is going by so fast. I'm trying to do all that I can here. Leave it all on the field.
My new companion is Sister R. She will be 23 in a few weeks and she's been out eight months. Sister R is an incredible teacher, and I have so much to learn from her. The Lord really places companions at the right time for the perfect reasons. There is more exciting news! There are two sisters living with us now! They are the Valley Hi Sisters, Sister J and Sister E. They are opening up the area (starting from scratch) and they cover base. Yesterday I showed them the ropes of base. It was so fun. They are going to see so many miracles like I did. We have all four beds in our living room. It's cozy, but it's so fun. It's crazy to going from sharing a room with Audrey to now four of us in an apartment. But the boys trained me for sharing a bathroom.

Another amazing thing happened on Sunday! (Ok, all the Lord's work is amazing and I love every second but anyways) S, the recent convert, said opening prayer in sacrament meeting. My heart swelled with joy to hear his prayer, see his conversion, and feel his love for the restored gospel. He was nervous but he did an awesome job. It reminds me of what I was reading this morning in personal study.

I was reading in Alma 26 where Ammon is boasting in the Lord reviewing his mission. Verse 27 pierced my heart: "Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success." I haven't been depressed to the point of turning back. I always turn to the Lord. Sometimes we have to turn away from a door, but we move forward turning in the direction the Lord steers us.

They went out on their missions just hoping to be the means of saving "some soul." Thinking maybe there's one person. But as the Lord leads us to the one, or the one to us, we can keep moving. We can keep finding, teaching and baptizing because the Lord knows who's ready. The Lord knows His sheep. It's truly something that I've learned. The Lord knew where S, led us to him, and now he's brought to sing the song of redeeming love.

That "some soul" is a child of God. My brother or sister. S is a candidate for the celestial kingdom. How many more souls will be led to him for the restored gospel? Led to us? God's love is real. I'm so grateful to be in the Texas San Antonio Mission. There's nowhere else I'd rather be right now. I'm so grateful for your prayers and love and support. The more I'm out here, the more my love grows for y'all. It's exciting times!

Love Always,
Sister Malary Greenwood
Sister Missionary library selfie!

Wonderful friends of Mal's that fed them a wonderful dinner. I am very grateful for people such as these.


Sister R is amazing. I picked a motto for her that a general authority said. "A true hero fights against his natural self." She has an amazing life story. She has lots of health issues but she works as hard as she can every day. She said something that touched me. She said that when she's not feeling good it's not just her mission, it's her companion's mission too. I love her. The Lord's work moves forward with or without us. It's amazing. I'm so blessed to see miracles every single day
Texas. Is. Awesome. The summertime is great.  Once you're out working in the hot and humid, you get used to it. It doesn't bother me much. Even when it's like you are living underwater and can drink the air. But we have had amazingly beautiful days. In fact, Sister R and I were on exchanges Tuesday and I was with our Sister Training Leader (STL) Sister T. She is an amazing sister missionary. We rode bikes ALL day. We got caught in this huge rainstorm. We were soaked head to toe. This lady saw us and called to us from her porch. She said get over here! She brought us towels, lemonade, and water and told us to sit and wait for the rain to let up. She was so sweet! We talked to her for a little bit about the church before she had to go in and get ready for work. Pretty shortly the rain let up and little and we rolled out. There were huge rivers in the street. Some we didn't realized how deep they were...Then going down a bank of mud my bike got stuck. Let's just say I got mud everywhere. My shoes had a nice cleansing in the washing machine when I got home. It was awesome. I loved every second of biking that day. We met so many people prepared to hear the message of the restoration.

We also met an old man who is less active member and his niece is in our ysa branch. He kept telling us he's a terrible person and has made too many mistakes. He has read the Book of Mormon over and over. He owns a food truck and sits at a park all day. He said all his life he's wanted to own a store. But he said he's made stupid decisions and never had the money. He bought a food truck and one day at the park a little boy jumped into his truck and the mom said, "Get out of that man's store!" He was SO happy! The Lord blesses us in ways so amazingly and sometimes we don't even recognize it. The Lord knows are heart's desires. When we walked up he was sittin' on his chair reading the general conference magazine. It was the greatest experience talking to him and his niece. He feels likes he's gone too far for Heavenly Father to forgive him. But his one goal is to see the inside of a temple. The Spirit was so strong in that short lesson as we testified of the Savior's Atonement and the love Heavenly Father has for him. He has a very strong testimony. He said he was proud because his Book of Mormon was getting really worn from reading it so much and a few days previous someone stole it from his spot. I guess that person needed it more, but we gave him a new Book of Mormon and he was so happy. His niece had the impression to visit him. She is so faithful and just longs for her family to be active. Heavenly Father sees her righteous desires too and blesses her for it. It's just all true daddy!

Sister Greenwood
Sister Greenwood and Sister T heading out on bikes

Sister Missionaries!

Drying out after being stuck in a rain storm. I am very grateful for the sweet lady that called these sisters off the street, out of the rain , and onto her porch. This kind lady that they didn't know sheltered them, fed them, and gave them towels to dry off with. What a special lady.

Pday after a volleyball game

Mal said these are the sweetest people ever, and she loves them.

Aug 25
Texas is beautiful. Even in this summer. Sometimes the skies are just like Toy Story skies with the puffy white clouds scattered everywhere. It's beautiful. Sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous here too. I can't believe seminary started! School started for everyone here in San Antonio too. I got Frank’s postcard and all the Sisters thought it was the cutest thing ever after I read it to them. Frank's going to have to swat the Sister missionaries away! Sister R is great. Her sister is actually getting married this weekend to a return missionary from this mission! Sister R has an amazing story about deciding to serve a mission. She works hard every day. What Brian said makes me so happy. (Brian said his sister was his hero because she is serving a mission) One reason I'm serving a mission is because I want all my brothers and sister to serve. It's the most amazing time. This week has been full of tender mercies. Well every week always is...But it seemed when we were reaching the last floor while tracking and when appointment fell through, there was always someone the Lord steered us too. We taught people we didn't plan for or even knew about. The Lord steers His missionaries to His children at the right time and right place. I will always love these people in Texas; those I serve or who serve with me. 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 describes it. Let go of your weakness, doubts, and feelings of inadequacy. Fear God more than man. Faith and trust in God's promises. The Spirit is promised to fill our mouths as we open them to declare the gospel. I love you so much.    

Sister Greenwood
Grandma Needham strikes again! They loved their purses with the hand sanitizers. Thanks Grandma!!