Monday, September 22, 2014

Transfered to Austin

Hi Greenwood family!

It was so weird moving and thinking, "No one knows where I am!" Haha So in the San Antonio transfer meeting, they started call out where they go one zone at a time and call out the new companionships in each area. South Zone (where I was) is always last. So the Assistant to the President gets to South Zone and I'm still sitting there... They finish the call outs and he says, "The rest of you....are going to Austin." WHAT?! Leaving San Antonio?! I had mixed emotions of happiness, excitement, and nervousness. They told us the Austin van leaves at 10:30. I got my stuff, loaded it in the trailer going to Austin, and we packed in the van! Crazy! It was a two hour car ride. We passed right by the Capitol. At Austin transfer meeting we did it all over again with call outs. I'm now in the Oak Hills Zone in the Hill Country Ward with my new companion Sister B. 

 Austin is beautiful. It's so green, lots of trees, clean, and fast paced. This area I'm in is like upper middle class so it's a huge change from South San Antone. Some people from the ward thought that we could be actual Sisters. Sister B sings BEAUTIFULLY. We have so much work to do here. The Hill Country ward is so strong. A FAMILY WARD! I can't believe I've missed cry children and 12 year olds passing the sacrament. It already feels like home. The ward is so nice and supportive. One of the members was like, "Burrows and Greenwood. You need to open a country store or lumber yard or something!" Hahaha Well, I'm in Austin. I love it. We are doing great with so much work to do. Leaving Palo Alto felt like I was leaving home again. But I'm already loving Hill Country. We live with a member who is a return sister missionary. I went to shake her hand the first time I met her and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the biggest bear hug. It was pretty hilarious. It's really fun here and I'm so happy! Thank you so much for the emails, prayers, and love. 
After a long day, I guess it was time for IN-N-Out! I didn't know they had those in Texas!

In the transfer van to Austin!

New Companion, Sister B.

Love all yall! 
Sister Greenwood

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