Monday, September 8, 2014

Texas Waffles and Greenwood st

Sister Greenwood on Greenwood st!

Texas shaped waffle consumed in Texas. Doesn't get much better :)
Hello family,

I laugh and laugh when I read your emails and look at the pictures. I makes me feel so happy! I feel like I'm still in the loop. I love your emails. Texans are amazing people, the weather is amazing, and the work is moving forward. I cannot tell you the amazing experiences with prayer that I've had. Writing in down in an email would not to it justice. The Lord hears me. He answers me. He loves me. I'm so grateful that the priesthood is restored. Jesus Christ's power is on the earth to bind families for time and all eternity! The Book of Mormon testifies that Jesus is the Savior of the world. It provides such peace, comfort, counsel, and love. I LOVE being the Lord's servant. 

We were out last Sunday and college football season is starting and people are a little extreme here in Texas. Anyways, there's a group of five older men drinking and standing outside while their kids played in the street. I just knew we had to talk with them. My companion was a little concerned, but we went for it trusting in the Lord. We taught them the restoration of the gospel right there. I could testify that my life was blessed because I have a father who is a worthy priesthood holder. At the end of our short powerful lesson, they wanted to know more. It's amazing the way the Lord steers us to where we are supposed to be and who we are supposed to talk to. We had dinner with this amazing girl in our branch and she took us on St. Mary's University campus to the cafeteria. After we ate, we would see her friends in the cafeteria and she'd say, "Hey! Can we share a message with you?" We had three lessons and she did an amazing job testifying! On the way out this kid asked if we wanted to play some game going on for students. He said, "Want to play the game?" She said, "Can we teach you something?" We had a good laugh about it, but it was so amazing. Turns out he has two friends on missions and wants to learn! Miracles all day long. I'm so happy. Thank you for your prayer and letters and love. 

I'm leaving in all on the field. Hurrah for Israel!

Love you,
Sister Greenwood

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