Monday, April 28, 2014

"WInd in my hair, bugs in my teeth!" Bike riding sisters!

Sister I and Sister Greenwood on their bikes. She says "Nothing like coming home drenched in sweat at the end of the day! We sleep like rocks!"

Mal, Sister I and a newly baptized member enjoying a day on the temple grounds. They were teaching him a lesson while they were showing him around.

Malary touring the "baby air force one" on Medina Air Force Base. Pretty cool!

Mal and her companion Sister I (who Mal adores and says is an amazing teacher) standing in front of the San Antonio, Tx temple.

Mal said they call her "The sister who still has people that love her" or "The sister that gets a lot of mail" HA! Thanks for sending her all this stuff!

Sister I pumping up her bike tires.

This weeks letter is short, she seems busy. Here is link to the song "Called to Serve"  she is writing about. It is sort of like our missionary's theme song, but since she is serving on an Air Force base she feels it has a whole new meaning. I cried AGAIN when I read her letter. You really can feel her love of the gospel and the Lord. She refers to Frank reading a book, he is reading Harry Potter and sending  her Harry Potter postcards with Harry Potter stamps once a month. They both love Harry Potter. I recieve such joy when I read her letters! I hope you all can feel just a small touch of the love she sends. Thank you all again for your support and prayers. It really does make a huge difference in her life. xo

Mi familia,

We are almost to the end of the month, so we are rationing our miles. Wind in my face, bugs in my teeth! We rode our bikes the last two days. About 18 miles all together. Who said Texas was flat?!?!?! haha There are PLENTY of big hills. It is weird with no mountains though... Anyways, it's just starting to get up in the 90s. One day we were riding along and we were getting pretty thirsty. Heavenly Father knew it!! We talked to a bunch of people on one street and they all gave us cold water bottles! It was so nice! I love working on base. On Sunday we sang “Called to Serve” and it definitely gave me a new perspective on that song. I love hearing the taps at night. A young man on base we've been teaching said he wants to be baptized. We talks about how everything feels right and peaceful. He's such a great learner. I remember his wingman introducing him to us the first week. It's just flying by! On Saturday we got up super early in the morning to catch a ride to the TEMPLE! It was the monthly air force base trip and we were going to teach Parsons, the airman that was baptized a few weeks ago. We taught on the steps of the temple and the Spirit was so strong. Not because of us, but because we were at the House of the Lord learning the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's so beautiful here. Don't worry I have lots of pictures. I got a few letters so I will be writing back today. Tell Frank he's reading all my favorites! I can't believe he started the fourth one! That one is HUGE but it is soooooo amazing. Keep pushing through it Frank. You won’t be sorry. Anyways, the Lord has been steering Sister I and I like nothing I've felt before. We move forward with faith and our good judgment and the Lord leads the way. I love being His servant and testifying that Jesus is the Christ. I love Texas...just remind me when we are biking in the heat and humidity this week. I love all y’all so so much.

Sister Greenwood

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter from a busy Sister Missionary!

Malary didn't send a very long letter this week. I didn't even receive it until 6pm her time, so she says sorry she couldn't get back to everyone, but she didn't have much time and will work on answering emails and letters next week. She appreciates so many people loving and caring for her. It is a huge blessing. Coming from a mom's heart all I can say is thank you. I feel so grateful that my daughter has so much support and love being sent her way.  Her pictures and letter follow...

Malary said she HAD to take the picture with the lamb on her shoulders. I think we all know what this represents.

Ice cream with the sisters and a member friend. Lucky girls!

After effects of getting a cascaron cracked on your head!

Even though she looks alone, we know that she is surrounded by angels.

Driving in Texas! I remember my dad telling me when he drove through Texas he felt like his wheels where spinning the earth because it was so flat!

At a member's farm loving the pallet flag :)

Cascarones! Eggs filled with confetti!

Howdy Ya'll!
So on the side of the roads were are TONS of little easy ups with people selling Easter baskets and things called cascrones or something. They are spray painted, hollowed out eggs filled with confetti. It's a San Antone tradition to crack them on someone’s head for good luck. So Sister Iverson and I bought some and cracked them on each other. Our Easter meal was delicious. We had homemade lamb stew with a funny member family. We actually have a lot of dinner appointments for a singles ward. I love it. Tell Elder Alldridge and Bunker goodbye for me! Now I won't know the missionaries coming to my house. Weird.

I can't wait to watch the Savior of the World production. It sounds so amazing. Tell the kids congrats! Daddy told me about the voicing part. I have to write him back too.
The conference thing is so cool. ( I told her we started a 40 day conference talk a day challenge) I’ve really loved reading the Ensign. It's so inspirational and spiritual. We are SO excited to get the conference issue. I loved conference so much. Glad you got the postcard!
I love Sister I. She's a great story teller and teacher. She really knows the gospel and how to teach to people's needs. She knows just what to say all the time. Her brother actually just turned in his papers. He turned 18 in March so she's been going crazy wonder where he’s going to go. What date will Robby put as his availability? Will he wait till I come back to leave?  CRAZY!

So this week we met a new investigator. His friend is Mormon and she set up the lesson with us. He's very sincere and has a great relationship with God. He asks TONS of questions. Questions I didn't even really think about before. He's truly prepared by the Lord. He set his baptism date and we love teaching him. He went to church on Easter and really felt the Spirit. It's so amazing to see this change occurring in him.

I love serving on base. It's so amazing to see them pass the sacrament it their uniforms. Every night the taps play for them to be in bed. It's such an amazing experience. We taught the ten commands to a group of new trainees and the Spirit was so intense. They really led the discussion and shared great personal experiences. I can really feel the Savior's love for each of them.

So this week was amazing. I love being a missionary. I really love serving the people here and learning from Sister I how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Sorry if I don't write back to everyone! I love all yall!

Sister Greenwood

P.S. We went to a little farm a member in our YSA ward works at today and it was so fun. Love you!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Baptism, Car Accident and a Wrong turn, but SHE STILL LOVES IT!

First day in the TSAM! (Texas, San Antonio Mission) They are at the Alamo!

Sister Greenwood and Sister I at the Mercado. She said it is a giant open air market that is way cool.

Hail! She said they were suppose to play whiffle ball, but it started pouring, so they went inside and played basketball.

Sister Greenwood's desk area with a few decorations we sent :)

Almost to the Alamo!

Sister Greenwood at the Mercado again

First baptism of her mission. An Airman from Lackland AFB.
Howdy yall!! 

This week (and almost a whole month) has gone by so fast. I love all the prayers and can feel them lifting me up. So Monday, my companion Sister I and I were driving to find a person we were going to stop by. We took a wrong turn and we were about to turn around when she stopped and said, "There are no wrong turns on the mission!" There are no coincidences! So we parked and knocked on the first house. It was a couple who invited us right in. Turns out they are reformed baptists and have been taught that the Book of Mormon was an evil book but had lots of questions. We taught them the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I recited Joseph Smith's first vision and it was so powerful. They felt it, then doubted. They are a little concerned for the welfare of our souls hahaha which is nice because we all should be. But we teach them one more time this week before we pass them off to the Elders since we teach young single adults and on base. 

Tuesday was great! We went to a less active members home but they weren't there so when we were walking back to our car a kid was on the sidewalk. I felt like we should go talk to him. We started talking and he said he was 15 and didn't believe in god because he prayed for his niece's health and she died. We shared 2 Nephi 2 in the Book of Mormon about opposition in all things. If we didn't know sorrow we wouldn't know happiness and how God still loves him and that she isn't just gone. We taught a little about God's Plan of Salvation. We told him to read the chapter and pray to God. He said, "Can't I just read it now?" Sure! He read the whole chapter out loud to us. He was so diligent even though reading English was hard. I want all yall to go on or or go on youtube and type in Earthy Father, Heavenly Father. Its an inspiring, sweet, spiritual video that I love so much. Our Father in Heaven truly loves us and watches out for us. (video link)

The rest of the week was just as spiritual. The missionaries here are so great. We love serving the Lord and His people. On Saturday we had an amazingly spiritual baptism. He is an airman on Lackland AFB. He grew up as a kid going to church and his mother was Mormon. But as he got older, his mom stopped going to church. After an intense experience at Basic Military Training he felt like he needed to go to church. A return missionary in his flight took him to church on base. So long story short, the Sisters were teaching him, I switched out with one of the Sisters, we finished teaching him and we was baptized! In the pictures, he is the taller one and his LDS friend is on the end. So overall a great week! 

Sunday was a little bit different. No one freak out... So we were driving to church, Sister I driving, me passenger, and two Elders in the back. A lady was tailing us SUPER close. She put on her brakes because the car behind her was tailing her so she tried to make him crash into her. It didn't work. So we came to the stop sign right in front of the church. I look in the mirrors and she was speeding toward us. Not slowing down. She must of realized she was going to hit us and hit her brakes. Too late... she rear ended us. Everyone was fine and it was just a little dent. BUT! We pull over to exchange info and SHE DRIVES SPEEDING AWAY! Hit and run?! Can you believe it?! So Sister I jumps back in the car and followers her!! The Elders faces of shock were quite humorous. We catch up as she pulls in her drive way. Her boyfriend or whoever it was ushered her inside denying everything telling us to leave. We called the cops. Long story short again they filled the report and got all their insurance information. The cops tried knocking on their door but they wouldn't answer. The cops were very nice and took care of everything. So everyone is ok and Sister I now wants to be a cop! hahaha All is well and I can't wait for another exciting week. This Sunday is Easter. 

I have loved getting closer to my Savior while out here in the Lone Star State. I'm so grateful for His encircling arms of love and protection. 1 Nephi 21:15-16 in the Book of Mormon. The Savior isn't EVER going to forget us "...Behold I have graven thee on the palms of my hands..." He doesn't even want to forget us or what He did. He loves us so much. He loves us infinitely. I'm so grateful for His love and that he suffered and died for me on the cross then rose on the third day so that we could conquer death through Him. Remember the Savior this week. There's a framed pictures at my mission president's house I saw that I loved. It's from the church hymn "There is a Green Hill Far Away." Its probably my favorite hymn. You can listen to it on or youtube
.  (song link)
The original words say, "He only could unlock the gate / Of heaven and let us in." But President rewrote it to say, "He only could unlock the gate / Of hell and let us out." The Savior has redeemed us. We are bought with a price; the Atonement. He has already suffered so just go to Him! His arms are outstretched always.

I love all y'all sooo much and love the letters and prays. I love being a missionary!!

Sister Greenwood   

Last Monday is POURED down from the heavens. We were playing whiffle ball with our zone outside when it started to thunder and lightning. Then it started hailing like CrAzY!! So we played basketball at the church for exercise instead.

Monday, April 7, 2014

From the Horses Mouth...

Mal and the Harry Potter postcard Frank sent her. He has a whole book of them, and he is sending her one a month fro her whole mission. Thanks Robin Dapper for the post cards!

This one made me cry. Her necklace is her Young Women's Medallion. It is just about equivalent to an Eagle Scout as far as time and service hours needed to earn it. The YW in our church can earn them, and it is a hard earned, and dedicated YW that earns it. The other is her Missionary tag. It tells you who she is serving right on there. She loves her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is a special picture to me.

"Chancho, can I borrow some sweats?"-Nacho Libre Just kidding! Her and Sister P modelling their workout gear!

World map, and these two are pointing to their mission.

1st day with new companion, Sister I. They look like sisters, oh wait! They are!

Missionaries rule!
Malary is so excited to finally be in Texas, San Antonio. Sister Greenwood is off and running, or peddling depending on if she has her bike! Here is her latest letter. I was priveledged enough to recive a letter from Sister Greenwood's new companion, Sister I. I already love her and am grateful for what she is teaching Malary. I am sure you can tell from her letter that she is beyond excited!

Howdy Y'all!

Hahaha Thank you for the pictures! Brooke is gorgeous! That would be fun if they could go to prom...but I wish I could chaperon. The strawberry shortcake looks amazing!! I did get out your letters. Thank you<3 I'm going to hang them on my study wall. I still don't have baby goat pictures! EH HEM! So I can't believe tomorrow will be a WEEK since I've been in Texas. Let me give y'all a run down...

Tuesday the 2nd- We flew in to Texas and it was hot and humid. That morning it had just been snowing in Utah so I was playing in it and taking pictures. All the Sisters and Elders in our caravan thought I was crazy 'cause they see it all the time. As we were landing, condensation was building up on the windows...Sister California, meet humidity. My district was ecstatic. President and Sister Slaughter and the Assistants to the President Elders met us at the escalators so we could grab our baggage. They are amazing people. They have such a sweet family. Their kids are awesome. So we went and had some lunch and a little intro meeting. THEN...the Assistants to the President drove all seven of us to the Alamo!!! We parked and walked around this city block and lo and behold the little Alamo! The told us the history. We stepped across the line (look up the history of crossing the line) and committed ourselves to work for the Lord. The challenge was to talk to as many people about the gospel of Jesus Christ as we could before dinner. My companion and I talked to a lot. We were rejected and lot, but mostly everyone was very nice! We handed out four Book of Mormons and a lot of pass-a-long cards. It was so fun even with the heat. Then we went back to the mission home and had a delicious BBQ! Later, we were dropped off at the Sister training leaders apartment (all four of us) and spent the night. There were eight of us in that tiny apartment! We slept on air mattresses. 

April 3rd- We got up in the morning to go to transfer meeting. That's when the area meets to receive their new companion, new area, or stay. All us greenies (term for new missionaries) walked single file into the chapel. All the missionaries were singing Called to Serve and stood up for us! After some talking, the companions were being called. My trainer is Sister I. All I can say is that when her name was called and I stood up and turned around to see her, it felt so perfect! She's amazing!!! She's from Preston, Idaho. AND GET THIS! She has five younger brothers! We work so well together. 

We are serving in the YSA (Young Single Adult) branch and the LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE! It's so amazing. I can't eve begin to tell you. We teach several classes on base during the week. Most of the people we teach are trainees going through Basic Military Training (BMT) for 8 1/2 weeks and airmen. This past Sunday, we had 18 trainees and airmen come into our class who were investigating the Church. It's soooo amazing. I love serving here. Surprisingly, the weather as been perfect. Cloudy, a little sprinkly, windy, and a bit chilly. It feel SO NICE! Every is enjoying it but saying it won't last long. I think it's God giving me time to adjust! 

Sister I and I have already taught lessons, had doors slammed on us, people sincerely interested, and a lady telling us she'd call the cops!! We have one baptism on the 12th from someone Sister I and her last companion is teaching. There's so many progressing investigators. I love them and love helping them feel the Spirit of God teach them the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So exciting! I love every second and wouldn't trade this time for anything.

We loved general conference. The messages were so direct! Don't you think? If you haven't watched it, go on and click watch general conference. The gospel of Jesus Christ is directly stated and the Prophet and Apostles and other leaders tell us how to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Our new apartment is really nice! AND GUESS WHAT?! I get my own bathroom!! That's a first... I look forward to your letters and questions and maybe in my next email I'll be more organized! haha Check out the blog at or keep up with my mom and facebook. I love all y'all so much! I'm so grateful for your prayers and emails. Please keep em comin'!

Much Love,
Sister Malary Greenwood

Thursday, April 3, 2014

She Made It To San Antonio!

Sister Greenwood and President and Sister Slaughter

Sister Greenwood's group of missionaries straight from the MTC and her mission president and wife
I was really excited to receive an email from Sister Greenwood's Mission President. He also sent these two pictures. He let us know she arrived safely and had been interviewed and would be meeting her new companion and trainer today! The best part is that the rumor about handing out the Book of Mormon at the Alamo is true! She did have to do that! Ha! What a fun way to get these missionaries to jump right in. President Slaughter also let us know they would be treated to a delicious Texas BBQ for dinner last night, and now I am hungry. He let me know she will be serving in a YSA (Young Single Adult) Branch (a small group of church goers) and at a Military branch on Lackland Air Force Base. I bet she will really enjoy serving in those areas. I can't wait to read about her experiences in Texas. If you write or email her just remember that she only gets one day to read and respond to your letters and emails. That day is Monday.Thanks for taking the time to read her blog, it means the world to her, and us! Love to you all! xoxo

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Am Unexpected Phone Call!!!!

This morning Sister Greenwood called me from the Utah airport. She was waiting for her flight to Texas. She was full of energy and excitement about her mission. She told me about meeting Brother (Elder) C from the t.v. show “The District”, and that he taught one of her classes. She attended a Sunday devotional last week where David Archuleta (who just returned from his mission a week ago) sang hymns to them. She said she was in the front row and it was amazing. She said as they left the MTC this morning she got to see and feel actual falling snow. That is a big deal for a So Cal kid J She is supposed to be greeted at the Texas airport by her mission president who will take them to the mission home where his wife will cook them dinner, and they will spend the night. Tomorrow they will head out to their new areas and start working. There is a rumor that after they get picked up from the airport the mission pres takes them to the Alamo and they can’t leave until they have all handed out one Book of Mormon. If that’s the case I’m sure it will be a fun challenge. She was excited to have a chance to see Sister Norris who is a young woman Malary went to church with down here in Fallbrook. She also was able to see a friend she met while serving in the temple. Still no pictures, but as soon as she sends me some I will post them. I miss her tons, but am so excited for her adventure and service to the Lord that I just stay happy thinking of that. I didn’t cry while she was talking to me, but after I hung up I will admit I became blurry eyed. Thanks for taking part in thos journey with her, it is an amazing adventure!

Second Week MTC email

Here is her letter from last week... yes I am behind. She is leaving for Texas today,so if you want to send her mail send it to Texas. She loves hearing from everybody, either through mail or email. Thanks Sister Molnar for sending her the candy! She loved it. Enjoy the letter :)

It's been so amazing to learn here! We had a few speakers like Stephen B. Allen who was so funny, spiritual, and direct. Elder Stanley G. Ellis also spoke on Tuesday night and it was soooooo cool. We dug right in to the Bible and the story of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. My companion, or partner in crime, and I teach two women. They are practice investigators but play their role so seriously and it's been challenge. But we love it! My district is SO COOL. A district is just a group of people in a smaller area. Then zones are a few districts combined. We have two districts in our zone. So there's me and Sister Pollard (who's SO tall) and we are so stoked for Texas. Then there's Sister C and Sister P who are the sweetest and funniest set of companions. Sister C is a nurse and Sister P has three younger brothers so we empathize with each other. Elder H and Elder L are the zone leaders. Elder G and Elder V are great elders too. Elder G was actually on my flight out of Ontario! Then we ended up in the same district! Anyways, they are so great. I love teaching about Jesus Christ and how much he loves us! He has suffered every pain, tough emotion, sickness, distress, affliction, and that awful guilt of our sins. I've used Alma Chapter 7 out the Book of Mormon to teach of Christ's atoning sacrifice and love the power the Holy Spirit testifies with as we use the Book of Mormon in a discussion. I love you all and I'm SO grateful for the prayers and thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!!

Love always,
Sister Malary Greenwood