Monday, April 7, 2014

From the Horses Mouth...

Mal and the Harry Potter postcard Frank sent her. He has a whole book of them, and he is sending her one a month fro her whole mission. Thanks Robin Dapper for the post cards!

This one made me cry. Her necklace is her Young Women's Medallion. It is just about equivalent to an Eagle Scout as far as time and service hours needed to earn it. The YW in our church can earn them, and it is a hard earned, and dedicated YW that earns it. The other is her Missionary tag. It tells you who she is serving right on there. She loves her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is a special picture to me.

"Chancho, can I borrow some sweats?"-Nacho Libre Just kidding! Her and Sister P modelling their workout gear!

World map, and these two are pointing to their mission.

1st day with new companion, Sister I. They look like sisters, oh wait! They are!

Missionaries rule!
Malary is so excited to finally be in Texas, San Antonio. Sister Greenwood is off and running, or peddling depending on if she has her bike! Here is her latest letter. I was priveledged enough to recive a letter from Sister Greenwood's new companion, Sister I. I already love her and am grateful for what she is teaching Malary. I am sure you can tell from her letter that she is beyond excited!

Howdy Y'all!

Hahaha Thank you for the pictures! Brooke is gorgeous! That would be fun if they could go to prom...but I wish I could chaperon. The strawberry shortcake looks amazing!! I did get out your letters. Thank you<3 I'm going to hang them on my study wall. I still don't have baby goat pictures! EH HEM! So I can't believe tomorrow will be a WEEK since I've been in Texas. Let me give y'all a run down...

Tuesday the 2nd- We flew in to Texas and it was hot and humid. That morning it had just been snowing in Utah so I was playing in it and taking pictures. All the Sisters and Elders in our caravan thought I was crazy 'cause they see it all the time. As we were landing, condensation was building up on the windows...Sister California, meet humidity. My district was ecstatic. President and Sister Slaughter and the Assistants to the President Elders met us at the escalators so we could grab our baggage. They are amazing people. They have such a sweet family. Their kids are awesome. So we went and had some lunch and a little intro meeting. THEN...the Assistants to the President drove all seven of us to the Alamo!!! We parked and walked around this city block and lo and behold the little Alamo! The told us the history. We stepped across the line (look up the history of crossing the line) and committed ourselves to work for the Lord. The challenge was to talk to as many people about the gospel of Jesus Christ as we could before dinner. My companion and I talked to a lot. We were rejected and lot, but mostly everyone was very nice! We handed out four Book of Mormons and a lot of pass-a-long cards. It was so fun even with the heat. Then we went back to the mission home and had a delicious BBQ! Later, we were dropped off at the Sister training leaders apartment (all four of us) and spent the night. There were eight of us in that tiny apartment! We slept on air mattresses. 

April 3rd- We got up in the morning to go to transfer meeting. That's when the area meets to receive their new companion, new area, or stay. All us greenies (term for new missionaries) walked single file into the chapel. All the missionaries were singing Called to Serve and stood up for us! After some talking, the companions were being called. My trainer is Sister I. All I can say is that when her name was called and I stood up and turned around to see her, it felt so perfect! She's amazing!!! She's from Preston, Idaho. AND GET THIS! She has five younger brothers! We work so well together. 

We are serving in the YSA (Young Single Adult) branch and the LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE! It's so amazing. I can't eve begin to tell you. We teach several classes on base during the week. Most of the people we teach are trainees going through Basic Military Training (BMT) for 8 1/2 weeks and airmen. This past Sunday, we had 18 trainees and airmen come into our class who were investigating the Church. It's soooo amazing. I love serving here. Surprisingly, the weather as been perfect. Cloudy, a little sprinkly, windy, and a bit chilly. It feel SO NICE! Every is enjoying it but saying it won't last long. I think it's God giving me time to adjust! 

Sister I and I have already taught lessons, had doors slammed on us, people sincerely interested, and a lady telling us she'd call the cops!! We have one baptism on the 12th from someone Sister I and her last companion is teaching. There's so many progressing investigators. I love them and love helping them feel the Spirit of God teach them the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So exciting! I love every second and wouldn't trade this time for anything.

We loved general conference. The messages were so direct! Don't you think? If you haven't watched it, go on and click watch general conference. The gospel of Jesus Christ is directly stated and the Prophet and Apostles and other leaders tell us how to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Our new apartment is really nice! AND GUESS WHAT?! I get my own bathroom!! That's a first... I look forward to your letters and questions and maybe in my next email I'll be more organized! haha Check out the blog at or keep up with my mom and facebook. I love all y'all so much! I'm so grateful for your prayers and emails. Please keep em comin'!

Much Love,
Sister Malary Greenwood


  1. Love hearing about your journey, Sister Greenwood.

  2. I love it!! The name tag and YM medallion pic is priceless!! Love you Mal!!