Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter from a busy Sister Missionary!

Malary didn't send a very long letter this week. I didn't even receive it until 6pm her time, so she says sorry she couldn't get back to everyone, but she didn't have much time and will work on answering emails and letters next week. She appreciates so many people loving and caring for her. It is a huge blessing. Coming from a mom's heart all I can say is thank you. I feel so grateful that my daughter has so much support and love being sent her way.  Her pictures and letter follow...

Malary said she HAD to take the picture with the lamb on her shoulders. I think we all know what this represents.

Ice cream with the sisters and a member friend. Lucky girls!

After effects of getting a cascaron cracked on your head!

Even though she looks alone, we know that she is surrounded by angels.

Driving in Texas! I remember my dad telling me when he drove through Texas he felt like his wheels where spinning the earth because it was so flat!

At a member's farm loving the pallet flag :)

Cascarones! Eggs filled with confetti!

Howdy Ya'll!
So on the side of the roads were are TONS of little easy ups with people selling Easter baskets and things called cascrones or something. They are spray painted, hollowed out eggs filled with confetti. It's a San Antone tradition to crack them on someone’s head for good luck. So Sister Iverson and I bought some and cracked them on each other. Our Easter meal was delicious. We had homemade lamb stew with a funny member family. We actually have a lot of dinner appointments for a singles ward. I love it. Tell Elder Alldridge and Bunker goodbye for me! Now I won't know the missionaries coming to my house. Weird.

I can't wait to watch the Savior of the World production. It sounds so amazing. Tell the kids congrats! Daddy told me about the voicing part. I have to write him back too.
The conference thing is so cool. ( I told her we started a 40 day conference talk a day challenge) I’ve really loved reading the Ensign. It's so inspirational and spiritual. We are SO excited to get the conference issue. I loved conference so much. Glad you got the postcard!
I love Sister I. She's a great story teller and teacher. She really knows the gospel and how to teach to people's needs. She knows just what to say all the time. Her brother actually just turned in his papers. He turned 18 in March so she's been going crazy wonder where he’s going to go. What date will Robby put as his availability? Will he wait till I come back to leave?  CRAZY!

So this week we met a new investigator. His friend is Mormon and she set up the lesson with us. He's very sincere and has a great relationship with God. He asks TONS of questions. Questions I didn't even really think about before. He's truly prepared by the Lord. He set his baptism date and we love teaching him. He went to church on Easter and really felt the Spirit. It's so amazing to see this change occurring in him.

I love serving on base. It's so amazing to see them pass the sacrament it their uniforms. Every night the taps play for them to be in bed. It's such an amazing experience. We taught the ten commands to a group of new trainees and the Spirit was so intense. They really led the discussion and shared great personal experiences. I can really feel the Savior's love for each of them.

So this week was amazing. I love being a missionary. I really love serving the people here and learning from Sister I how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Sorry if I don't write back to everyone! I love all yall!

Sister Greenwood

P.S. We went to a little farm a member in our YSA ward works at today and it was so fun. Love you!

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