Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Am Unexpected Phone Call!!!!

This morning Sister Greenwood called me from the Utah airport. She was waiting for her flight to Texas. She was full of energy and excitement about her mission. She told me about meeting Brother (Elder) C from the t.v. show “The District”, and that he taught one of her classes. She attended a Sunday devotional last week where David Archuleta (who just returned from his mission a week ago) sang hymns to them. She said she was in the front row and it was amazing. She said as they left the MTC this morning she got to see and feel actual falling snow. That is a big deal for a So Cal kid J She is supposed to be greeted at the Texas airport by her mission president who will take them to the mission home where his wife will cook them dinner, and they will spend the night. Tomorrow they will head out to their new areas and start working. There is a rumor that after they get picked up from the airport the mission pres takes them to the Alamo and they can’t leave until they have all handed out one Book of Mormon. If that’s the case I’m sure it will be a fun challenge. She was excited to have a chance to see Sister Norris who is a young woman Malary went to church with down here in Fallbrook. She also was able to see a friend she met while serving in the temple. Still no pictures, but as soon as she sends me some I will post them. I miss her tons, but am so excited for her adventure and service to the Lord that I just stay happy thinking of that. I didn’t cry while she was talking to me, but after I hung up I will admit I became blurry eyed. Thanks for taking part in thos journey with her, it is an amazing adventure!

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