Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Second Week MTC email

Here is her letter from last week... yes I am behind. She is leaving for Texas today,so if you want to send her mail send it to Texas. She loves hearing from everybody, either through mail or email. Thanks Sister Molnar for sending her the candy! She loved it. Enjoy the letter :)

It's been so amazing to learn here! We had a few speakers like Stephen B. Allen who was so funny, spiritual, and direct. Elder Stanley G. Ellis also spoke on Tuesday night and it was soooooo cool. We dug right in to the Bible and the story of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. My companion, or partner in crime, and I teach two women. They are practice investigators but play their role so seriously and it's been challenge. But we love it! My district is SO COOL. A district is just a group of people in a smaller area. Then zones are a few districts combined. We have two districts in our zone. So there's me and Sister Pollard (who's SO tall) and we are so stoked for Texas. Then there's Sister C and Sister P who are the sweetest and funniest set of companions. Sister C is a nurse and Sister P has three younger brothers so we empathize with each other. Elder H and Elder L are the zone leaders. Elder G and Elder V are great elders too. Elder G was actually on my flight out of Ontario! Then we ended up in the same district! Anyways, they are so great. I love teaching about Jesus Christ and how much he loves us! He has suffered every pain, tough emotion, sickness, distress, affliction, and that awful guilt of our sins. I've used Alma Chapter 7 out the Book of Mormon to teach of Christ's atoning sacrifice and love the power the Holy Spirit testifies with as we use the Book of Mormon in a discussion. I love you all and I'm SO grateful for the prayers and thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!!

Love always,
Sister Malary Greenwood

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