Monday, April 28, 2014

"WInd in my hair, bugs in my teeth!" Bike riding sisters!

Sister I and Sister Greenwood on their bikes. She says "Nothing like coming home drenched in sweat at the end of the day! We sleep like rocks!"

Mal, Sister I and a newly baptized member enjoying a day on the temple grounds. They were teaching him a lesson while they were showing him around.

Malary touring the "baby air force one" on Medina Air Force Base. Pretty cool!

Mal and her companion Sister I (who Mal adores and says is an amazing teacher) standing in front of the San Antonio, Tx temple.

Mal said they call her "The sister who still has people that love her" or "The sister that gets a lot of mail" HA! Thanks for sending her all this stuff!

Sister I pumping up her bike tires.

This weeks letter is short, she seems busy. Here is link to the song "Called to Serve"  she is writing about. It is sort of like our missionary's theme song, but since she is serving on an Air Force base she feels it has a whole new meaning. I cried AGAIN when I read her letter. You really can feel her love of the gospel and the Lord. She refers to Frank reading a book, he is reading Harry Potter and sending  her Harry Potter postcards with Harry Potter stamps once a month. They both love Harry Potter. I recieve such joy when I read her letters! I hope you all can feel just a small touch of the love she sends. Thank you all again for your support and prayers. It really does make a huge difference in her life. xo

Mi familia,

We are almost to the end of the month, so we are rationing our miles. Wind in my face, bugs in my teeth! We rode our bikes the last two days. About 18 miles all together. Who said Texas was flat?!?!?! haha There are PLENTY of big hills. It is weird with no mountains though... Anyways, it's just starting to get up in the 90s. One day we were riding along and we were getting pretty thirsty. Heavenly Father knew it!! We talked to a bunch of people on one street and they all gave us cold water bottles! It was so nice! I love working on base. On Sunday we sang “Called to Serve” and it definitely gave me a new perspective on that song. I love hearing the taps at night. A young man on base we've been teaching said he wants to be baptized. We talks about how everything feels right and peaceful. He's such a great learner. I remember his wingman introducing him to us the first week. It's just flying by! On Saturday we got up super early in the morning to catch a ride to the TEMPLE! It was the monthly air force base trip and we were going to teach Parsons, the airman that was baptized a few weeks ago. We taught on the steps of the temple and the Spirit was so strong. Not because of us, but because we were at the House of the Lord learning the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's so beautiful here. Don't worry I have lots of pictures. I got a few letters so I will be writing back today. Tell Frank he's reading all my favorites! I can't believe he started the fourth one! That one is HUGE but it is soooooo amazing. Keep pushing through it Frank. You won’t be sorry. Anyways, the Lord has been steering Sister I and I like nothing I've felt before. We move forward with faith and our good judgment and the Lord leads the way. I love being His servant and testifying that Jesus is the Christ. I love Texas...just remind me when we are biking in the heat and humidity this week. I love all y’all so so much.

Sister Greenwood

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