Monday, April 14, 2014

Baptism, Car Accident and a Wrong turn, but SHE STILL LOVES IT!

First day in the TSAM! (Texas, San Antonio Mission) They are at the Alamo!

Sister Greenwood and Sister I at the Mercado. She said it is a giant open air market that is way cool.

Hail! She said they were suppose to play whiffle ball, but it started pouring, so they went inside and played basketball.

Sister Greenwood's desk area with a few decorations we sent :)

Almost to the Alamo!

Sister Greenwood at the Mercado again

First baptism of her mission. An Airman from Lackland AFB.
Howdy yall!! 

This week (and almost a whole month) has gone by so fast. I love all the prayers and can feel them lifting me up. So Monday, my companion Sister I and I were driving to find a person we were going to stop by. We took a wrong turn and we were about to turn around when she stopped and said, "There are no wrong turns on the mission!" There are no coincidences! So we parked and knocked on the first house. It was a couple who invited us right in. Turns out they are reformed baptists and have been taught that the Book of Mormon was an evil book but had lots of questions. We taught them the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I recited Joseph Smith's first vision and it was so powerful. They felt it, then doubted. They are a little concerned for the welfare of our souls hahaha which is nice because we all should be. But we teach them one more time this week before we pass them off to the Elders since we teach young single adults and on base. 

Tuesday was great! We went to a less active members home but they weren't there so when we were walking back to our car a kid was on the sidewalk. I felt like we should go talk to him. We started talking and he said he was 15 and didn't believe in god because he prayed for his niece's health and she died. We shared 2 Nephi 2 in the Book of Mormon about opposition in all things. If we didn't know sorrow we wouldn't know happiness and how God still loves him and that she isn't just gone. We taught a little about God's Plan of Salvation. We told him to read the chapter and pray to God. He said, "Can't I just read it now?" Sure! He read the whole chapter out loud to us. He was so diligent even though reading English was hard. I want all yall to go on or or go on youtube and type in Earthy Father, Heavenly Father. Its an inspiring, sweet, spiritual video that I love so much. Our Father in Heaven truly loves us and watches out for us. (video link)

The rest of the week was just as spiritual. The missionaries here are so great. We love serving the Lord and His people. On Saturday we had an amazingly spiritual baptism. He is an airman on Lackland AFB. He grew up as a kid going to church and his mother was Mormon. But as he got older, his mom stopped going to church. After an intense experience at Basic Military Training he felt like he needed to go to church. A return missionary in his flight took him to church on base. So long story short, the Sisters were teaching him, I switched out with one of the Sisters, we finished teaching him and we was baptized! In the pictures, he is the taller one and his LDS friend is on the end. So overall a great week! 

Sunday was a little bit different. No one freak out... So we were driving to church, Sister I driving, me passenger, and two Elders in the back. A lady was tailing us SUPER close. She put on her brakes because the car behind her was tailing her so she tried to make him crash into her. It didn't work. So we came to the stop sign right in front of the church. I look in the mirrors and she was speeding toward us. Not slowing down. She must of realized she was going to hit us and hit her brakes. Too late... she rear ended us. Everyone was fine and it was just a little dent. BUT! We pull over to exchange info and SHE DRIVES SPEEDING AWAY! Hit and run?! Can you believe it?! So Sister I jumps back in the car and followers her!! The Elders faces of shock were quite humorous. We catch up as she pulls in her drive way. Her boyfriend or whoever it was ushered her inside denying everything telling us to leave. We called the cops. Long story short again they filled the report and got all their insurance information. The cops tried knocking on their door but they wouldn't answer. The cops were very nice and took care of everything. So everyone is ok and Sister I now wants to be a cop! hahaha All is well and I can't wait for another exciting week. This Sunday is Easter. 

I have loved getting closer to my Savior while out here in the Lone Star State. I'm so grateful for His encircling arms of love and protection. 1 Nephi 21:15-16 in the Book of Mormon. The Savior isn't EVER going to forget us "...Behold I have graven thee on the palms of my hands..." He doesn't even want to forget us or what He did. He loves us so much. He loves us infinitely. I'm so grateful for His love and that he suffered and died for me on the cross then rose on the third day so that we could conquer death through Him. Remember the Savior this week. There's a framed pictures at my mission president's house I saw that I loved. It's from the church hymn "There is a Green Hill Far Away." Its probably my favorite hymn. You can listen to it on or youtube
.  (song link)
The original words say, "He only could unlock the gate / Of heaven and let us in." But President rewrote it to say, "He only could unlock the gate / Of hell and let us out." The Savior has redeemed us. We are bought with a price; the Atonement. He has already suffered so just go to Him! His arms are outstretched always.

I love all y'all sooo much and love the letters and prays. I love being a missionary!!

Sister Greenwood   

Last Monday is POURED down from the heavens. We were playing whiffle ball with our zone outside when it started to thunder and lightning. Then it started hailing like CrAzY!! So we played basketball at the church for exercise instead.

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