Saturday, June 14, 2014

Here is a short excerpt from Sister Greenwood's letter. She had the chance to attend a Samoan/Hawaiian Luau and loved it too.  Sounds like she had a great week.
This is one of the dogs that tried to attack her. They didn't know she had just had puppies, so they forgave her. Cute pups!

Sister Greenwood made a new scripture case for carrying her military set of scriptures. They are just like regular scriptures, only smaller, and easier to carry around.

Another view of her scripture case she made.

I had my first mission President interview this week. I can't tell you how much I love President Slaughter. He really is a man chosen by God to lead the missionaries in the Texas San Antonio mission. He was really chosen to lead me. We knocked (meaning they were out knocking on door) into this sweet mother with a 5 year old son. She was thirsting for the gospel. It all made sense to her. "Yes. I believe you" she said. Her son drew us a picture that's hanging on our fridge. Since they are a family and should go to the family ward the Elders are going to help her. I showed her the picture of us at the temple when we were sealed together forever. That's what she wants. Something funny though, we were talking about church and the little boy said "Church! I know where Church is! It's right down the street from our house!" Then the mother said, "No baby. Church. No Church's" hahaha! There's a lot of Church's Chicken restaurants here. It was pretty cute. 

Love hearing from Sister Greenwood. Miss her tons!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"All we do as missionaries is invite people to come unto Christ" -Sister Greenwood

Sister Greenwood and Sister R. They had a great day together.

Some yummy Texas BBQ that a nice person bought them. Thank you!

Can you believe I've been in Texas for two months today?! I'm a 10 week old missionary!

Tuesday I went on exchanges (where they partner with a different missionary)  with Sister R who is an awesome missionary. We had so much fun and she taught me a lot. She's been on her mission for a while. She's a Spanish speaking missionary. That's who's in the picture with me. Our appointments didn't work out that afternoon so we went talking to everyone and knocking in my area in San Antonio. THERE WERE TORNADO WARNINGS! That was a first for me! People thought I didn't even know what a tornado was. There were some crazy clouds and lightning. It got really dark but nothing happened. I just wasn't expecting that! Sister F was in a different area with Sister R's companion for the day and they could see the swirling cloud above them and it rained like crazy.

This week we have been getting to know the young singles in our branch (a Branch is a small ward or congregation). We really want to create a bond and let them know we are there for them if they ever need anything. I love this branch. They are so supportive, funny, and spiritual. So many great testimonies were shared yesterday at church. On the blog, can you put up my Where the Carpet is Worn poem? It totally applies. I think it's just a document on my computer titled Where the Carpet is Worn. If you can't find it no worries. (I am putting it on a separate post)

A member gave us a meal ticket to eat at Rudy's which is this amazing Bar-B-Q place. It's attached to a gas station, they have this awesome pit, cool atmosphere, and the food is SO GOOD! The picture is of our meal. Brisket, turkey, creamed corn, and bread. Yummmm.

An older sheet of Elder's referrals (a list of people interested in learning about church) from past missionaries was in our apartment! Referrals from them are people they've talked to interested in learning more that are young single adults. It was a really successful day. One of them had moved but his brother was there and he was interested. He had a bad experience going to a different church and didn't like feeling judged. After we had a lesson, we shared with him that people aren't perfect but the gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. That's why we go to church, remember Christ, repent, and take the sacrament. I was so happy that we could tell him that our branch was so sweet. We have another appointment to teach him, he works on Sundays, but he's a great young man that I know the gospel will improve his life and help him come closer to Christ.

That's what I love doing here in Texas. All we do as missionaries is invite people to come to Christ; to follow Him. I read in the Church magazine something that hit me. All of God's children chose to follow God's Plan. This life on earth is to see if we will chose it again.

Preach My Gospel assignment! Family, read Faith in Christ on page 116 and do the scriptures there. Start studying preach my gospel. It's so amazing. Help someone come close to Christ this week whether providing service, sharing your testimony, reading your scriptures, or inviting someone to come to church. I know that it's all out of love for our brothers and sister on this earth that we share the beautiful truth that the teachings and power of Christ has been restored to us so that we can return home to our Heavenly Father.  (I am sure this challenge goes out to all of you, not just us Latter-day Saints, so do what she says!) Here is the link to the “Preach My Gospel” lesson she refers to if you feel so inspired, otherwise go find some gospel service.)

Carry on Christian Soldiers!

Much love, Sister Greenwood