Saturday, June 14, 2014

Here is a short excerpt from Sister Greenwood's letter. She had the chance to attend a Samoan/Hawaiian Luau and loved it too.  Sounds like she had a great week.
This is one of the dogs that tried to attack her. They didn't know she had just had puppies, so they forgave her. Cute pups!

Sister Greenwood made a new scripture case for carrying her military set of scriptures. They are just like regular scriptures, only smaller, and easier to carry around.

Another view of her scripture case she made.

I had my first mission President interview this week. I can't tell you how much I love President Slaughter. He really is a man chosen by God to lead the missionaries in the Texas San Antonio mission. He was really chosen to lead me. We knocked (meaning they were out knocking on door) into this sweet mother with a 5 year old son. She was thirsting for the gospel. It all made sense to her. "Yes. I believe you" she said. Her son drew us a picture that's hanging on our fridge. Since they are a family and should go to the family ward the Elders are going to help her. I showed her the picture of us at the temple when we were sealed together forever. That's what she wants. Something funny though, we were talking about church and the little boy said "Church! I know where Church is! It's right down the street from our house!" Then the mother said, "No baby. Church. No Church's" hahaha! There's a lot of Church's Chicken restaurants here. It was pretty cute. 

Love hearing from Sister Greenwood. Miss her tons!

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