Monday, September 8, 2014

Try Stepping Up

Here she is in her "Think Outside, no box required" shirt her dad bought for her in Philmont Scout ranch, NM this summer. She loves it!
 Sister Greenwood sent this email last week. 9/1/14
She explained what she learned from her mission president. He is the man who oversees all the missionaries in the San Antonio mission. Malary loves him and his wife. She

takes to heart all the wonderful things his wife and him are teaching. She is blessed to serve in a mission with such incredible leaders.

President Slaughter did a training for the zone that we are in, South Zone or San Antonio Stake, and he taught us about true worship. He said, "Worship is the soul’s surrender to God. It is more than a simple random or sporadic prayer. It is more than simply participating in an ordinance every now and then. It is living in the light of the Lord constantly. You worship by the way you walk as you share the gospel; you worship as you give service to others; you worship as you offer a smile to a stranger on the street; you worship as you uplift and encourage another." Then he gave us some examples of stepping in up. Moving up a level in faith and worship. Try stepping up one of these this week or think of your own. It's amazing. Also, just every day I pray so hard for certain things. Even when I know I'm not worthy of them. I really have drawn closer to Heavenly Father. I'm learning to change my will, my dreams, my desires, to His will, His way, His time. He can see the servant I am to become. It is truly amazing the answers I receive to my prayers. Sometimes almost immediately. I am a witness that God knows us. He loves us. He answers our prayers in His way. His way is the best way. I love y'all so much and I can't thank y'all enough for the prayers, thoughts, letters, and love. It's amazing here in Texas and to be a representative of the Lord.

It is one thing to "say" a prayer;
It is another to cry unto God with all your heart.

It is one thing to develop love towards others;
It is another thing to be filled with the pure love of God.

It is one thing to participate in the sacrament;
It is another to partake of the goodness and grace and mercy of the Holy Messiah.

It is one things to "have" faith;
It is another to rely wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save.

It is one thing to "make" a sacrifice for God;
It is another to offer your whole souls unto him righteousness.

It is one thing to "share" a testimony at Church;
It is another to be a witness of God at all times and in all places.

It is one thing to attend church;
It is another to live in the light of the gospel daily.

It is one thing to listen to a prophet’s voice;
It is another thing to submit to his counsels.

It is one thing to read Book of Mormon stories;
It is another to be changed by Book of Mormon doctrine.

LOVE YOU! xoxoxo Sister Greenwood
Three beautiful daughters of God.

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