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Here it is! An Update! This is sept 29-all of October :) enjoy!

I have been swamped. I am going to try and get the blog updated within the next day or so... enjoy this update for now!

Sept 29th
The pictures had me cracking up. Those boys are too cute. It's so much fun being in a family ward and getting to know the kids. We have some hoodlums in the ward and so many of the families remind me of yall. This one family, the I’s, have won my heart. They have five kids who are SUPER hilarious and crazy and their parents are amazing. Sister I came to a lesson with a new investigator and she testified so strongly of how the gospel has blessed her family. I thought of you momma. I thought of you going out with the missionaries and being so strong. Thank you. You will have to meet Sister I someday. Y’all will be great friends I think. Keep being like a family to those Elders. They are so grateful I just know it. They are so blessed to be with y’all.

The new area and ward is amazing! I kind of miss the ghetto though. There's no ghetto here! We knocked a street called Frodo Cove. And there's middle earth, Baggins cove, and Hobbiton. Pretty fun! It's been drizzly and so gorgeous the past week. I love it here. I love the ward so much. We have been experience nonstop miracles here. There hasn't been a baptism in over a year in this ward and we are working so hard so find people.

I'm so excited for general conference! The prophet of God, the prophet of the whole earth, the prophet who has all the priesthood keys of this last dispensation is going to speak to us. Invite friends to watch it! I loved the General Women's meeting. The Spirit was so strong. I'm so grateful that women that powerful lead the auxiliaries and for President Uchtdorfs inspired words. That day had been a little rough, so everything he said hit Sister B and I and we know God loves us. We know there are families in this area waiting for us to find and teach them. We are so blessed and so loved. More than we could ever comprehend. I look forward to your letter and I'll write you back. Tell the kids I love them lots. Tell Brian he's going to be a better missionary then me. I tell people about the kids all the time I love you so much and I can feel the prayers and love every day. Hope you can too.

Hurrah for Israel! Sister Malary Greenwood

Oct 6th
 I'm so glad you sent me the strawberry shortcake pictures. Just yesterday at a dinner with a family we were talking about traditions and I mentioned the conference shortcakes and how daddy always puts more whipped cream then the actual strawberry shortcake. So when I saw that picture I was laughing and Sister B saw so now she understands. Hahaha  Sister B says hi! I love her. She is such an awesome teacher. In role plays this morning she really testified with the Spirit. Also, we got to watch Meet the Mormons. It's pretty much the greatest movie ever. It's so cute, hilarious, and entertaining filled with gospel truths take the family and lots of friends to go see it. I loved it!

Those pictures keep on getting better and better!! Y'all crack me up. Oh! I've been adding to my Texas drawl as people talk with us. Here's our vocab from the past week.
Howdy- We were formally greeted with a howdy yesterday and it made our day. We will now be using it regularly.
Fixin' - lazy verb, you've been meaning to do something but are occupied with other things
Mosquiter- noun, an annoying buzzer that leaves your legs and arms covered in bites. The appropriate way to get rid of them is to wait for it to land and slap it while hollerin' "MOSQUITER!"
Sugar- noun, an affectionate term used by mostly older people when you say something nice to them. "Aw sugar, thanks for offering!"
Supper- dinners in Texas are so diverse, delicious, and dangerously hearty meals.

General Conference was amazing. We cannot wait for the ensign issue to come out for us to study them. The talks were so direct, simple, powerful, and inspired. We need to follow the prophet and our leaders with all we've got because that's how we show our love and obedience to the Lord. We will have all eternity to reflect on the choices we made in our earthly lives. I loved Tad R. Callister's talk about parents being the prime gospel teacher. You two were definitely that for us kids. So many times I thought of y'all during conference. I loved that one prayer when he prayed for the missionaries families. One of the Elders was like, "I bet my mom is bawling right now." Haha But I hope yall feel our prayers cause we sure feel yours.

Thank you so much for sharing Brian's umping experience. There are so many gospel truths in that lesson that I'm sure he will remember forever. It's so true and that's how it is out here. I don't back down from what I know to be true. Yes, there's A LOT of repenting involved. Like the brother said in conference, you have to get really really good at repenting..." I just love being a missionary so much. There are life changing and building experiences that I can't wait for all the kids to have. The Lord truly molds you to your divine potential. One man the other day said some stuff to us when we knocked on his door that for any shaky person not built on the foundation of Christ might have fallen. But our faith was unshaken. Our feet were firm. I looked him right in the eye and thanked him for his honesty. There were SO many things I could have said or Sister B could have testified of, but we both felt that we just needed to leave a Christ like impression on him. We are the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Defend you beliefs. Be Christ like and defend them!

Leavin' it all on the field!
Love all y'all so much!
Sister Greenwood

Pictures! A few with other sisters on exchanges, a scorpion we found in our bathroom, and so on.

It was so fun seeing the Parks! It was such a great surprise and made me feel so happy and loved. They called me Malary and I forgot everyone calls me that! Haha I loved Meet the Mormons. I'm so glad you went to see it! Looking at the pictures last week was the first time I looked at the kids and thought, Wow, they look older. Yikes! The B’s picture was the cutest thing. I loved it and it made me so happy. I didn't know the boys met Sister Wixam! Cool!
Happy almost anniversary! Are you going to do anything special? Fallbrook Cafe? I love you so much.

I loved your missionary joke. Here's mine: What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator! haha

A really amazing experience this week happened when we were out proselyting. A young pregnant mother who had spoke with Elders a long time ago let us in. We taught the restoration and she was asking so many sincere questions. We testified the whole time and the Spirit was so strong. After we closed with a prayer she was crying. She was like "I'm so sorry! I'm fine. I'm just pregnant!" Sister B and I love her so much. She was feeling the Spirit so strongly. She's having her baby this week and hopefully we can help her out.

Everyday miracles are there. A funny one was we were out tracting and Sister B had to use the bathroom really bad and there wasn't any close gas stations or anything. So I said, "well let’s just go to one more house. Don't worry, they will know who we are and let us in." Of course I was hoping for it...but it seemed unlikely. We knock on the next house and it was an active members house!!!!! Sister B hadn't been there yet so we didn't know that's where they lived. She used the bathroom and we thanked God knowing He is mindful of us and how situations.

Keep helping your missionaries in your wards as much as possible. Just bearing your testimony to someone, inviting, and praying for hem blesses their efforts in every way.

Love you lots!
Sister Malary Greenwood

Oct 20
Fun! The pictures are so great! Sounds like it was a fun anniversary and birthday party! The story of Sister Wixam cracked me up so much. Those boys... Hahaha We are going to visit the pregnant girl later this week maybe. Bring her some flowers or cookies maybe. Sister B says hello! She amazing. She makes me laugh all the time. She even says, "Holy cow Batman!" Hahaha I hope that I get pictures of baby Nubians when they come!

Elder H that spoke in General Conference about the sacrament spoke in our stake conference and all the missionaries get a conference with just him! He speaks with the power and authority of God. He represents the prophet to us in a way that is so amazing. I learned so much from him during Stake Conference. The Spirit really touched my heart and testified to me things I needed to know. This week went by so fast! Transfer calls are this Sunday but I hope Sister B and I stay here together.

This is a picture of our district! Every district meeting is inspired and helps us improve our areas. They are great leaders. Glad to hear all is well. I love yall so much and pray all goes well with everything. 

Love Always, Sister Greenwood

Oct 27
Hello Greenwoods,

Amen. Life never slows down. I'm so happy to have been in a family where God comes first. I've seen the opposite here. So many people here tell us, "I'm too busy right now" or "Now's not a good time." No time for God?! He literally made time for you. He gave you everything. His Son's gave His entire life you so you could have eternity! We need to make time for God or we will always be too busy.

The ward is so amazing. I love them. Hopefully things start to pick us as they invite their friends and neighbors to hear the restored gospel. We are put in people’s lives by God for that reason. Yup, we will be going to trunk or treat the day before Halloween. Not sure for actual Halloween what we are doing, Hopefully teaching. This is going to be an interesting transfer with quite a bit of change. Good change. I'm excited for what the Lord has in store Good to hear all the updates. I've been thinking about daddy a lot. Praying for him. Recovery pictures will be great!

Love you so so so much,
Sister Greenwood

Pictures: This AMAZING buger place called Burgerfi. I got the breakfast one that was super delicious. They brand all their buns haha we went to a landfill with a sweet nonmember lady who buys clothes for people getting out of prison. We got so many clothes! It was fun. Oh, and a street called Tracton ba dum chee!

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