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Malary's November (yes, all of November)

Nov 3rd
Oh Greenwood family, how you crack me up, let me count the ways.

I loved the pictures. A lot. President S called me Thursday night and told me that Daddy's surgery went well. It was so nice of him and he said you emailed him or something. President Slaughter is pretty much my mission father. Sister S is my mission mommy. I can't wait for you to meet them. Thank you for the update! Glad all is going well. Sounds super crazy and sometimes I wish there was more I could do to help out. It's weird not being there! I hope and pray he heals well and quickly.

You are superwoman. Grandma told me, I don't know how your mom does it. I know how though. It's a super strength that I've felt a bit of here in Texas. The power of the Savior. He is truly with you in every decision, every step, every new bandage dressing, every sigh of exhaustion. I'm understanding more of that. Sister B is great. There's never a day when she doesn't make me laugh. We are trying to stay busy. This time change threw off our groove a bit but there are exciting changes happening in the ward. It's going to burst with people read to join Christ's true church.
So many AMAZING miracles this week. I wish I could just type them all. A very sweet experience happened on Sunday though. We didn't have a dinner so we were going to go home but was talking about it with our amazing Relief Society president. A sister in our ward overheard, came up and said, "Yall can eat with us." The RS Pres asked "when are you eating?" "As soon as we get home!" she answered. Turns out, they were having their Thanksgiving meal that day because their 18 year old son leaves for his mission to the Philippines this week. It was so nice! The meal was SO good. I'm so grateful for their sweet family. They just set two extra plates and we had thanksgiving dinner! It was so fun. Some of their kids spouses were there too and they were all swapping mission stories. Crazy stories from places like Taiwan and Madagascar. It was hilarious. I just imagined that's how dinners will be with all our family sharing stories and laughing. It was such a blessing. I have so many mission stories for you;) Hahaha I love all yall buckets full.

Sister Malary Greenwood

Pictures! Decorated pumpkins with stuff Grandma sent me. "The Chosen Pumpkin" if you will with the famous scar.
My life long dream came true. We were helping to set up our Halloween party and the guy in charge asked us if we....drum roll please.........wanted to be the pie contest judges!!!!! We tasted seven pies. It was the greatest experience on my mission thus far;) Haha love you.

Nov 10
Howdy mi familia,

I loved the pictures. I bet those turkeys will be so delicious! There were three winning pies and everyone was good sports. This oen mom like fist pumped in the air when she won haha A sweet older lady in our ward is having us over for Thanksgiving. It will be just her and her daughter. She's a return missionary and super sweet. I'm glad Dad is healing. Sounds like good progress though. I wish there was more I could do. We are so blessed to have such amazing family around. You and dad and the kids will make it through no doubt about it. Like you said, the Lord will bless us. I think of what Elder Holland has said though something like, "Some blessing come now, some blessing come later, and some don't come til heaven. But I promise you, they come." Watch the Good Things To Come mormon message. It's pretty much my favorite and totally relatable to our family. I miss Veterans day parade! I can't believe it's almost been a year without Morfar. I talk about him a lot to people.

The work is hastening. The Lord's timing is perfect. We see amazing miracles every single day. I'm so so happy and I feel so loved. Austin is weird. I love it. This ward is truly amazing and these families are so great. This one family is so redneck and amazing. For Halloween they dressed up in all camo. Their daughter who is a beehive is pretty much A's twin. To church she wore a button up collared shirt with a big belt buckle over it and her worn out cowboy boots. Seriously, they are twins. Sister B says hello! She can't wait to meet y'all. We had to take our car into the shop on Saturday so it was pioneer missionary days for us! Haha We walked all around. The weather is perfect right now but it's getting cold.

We stopped by this old couple that can't really investigate or progress because of dementia and health problems but they feel the spirit so strongly. The husband was asking us these kind of deep questions. We were answering totally by the Spirit and we opened up about some things he's been pondering about basically if God knows him. He started to weep. He's like 90 years old. He said what he heard from us was an answer from God. That was so special to be a part of. We don't even remember what we said. Because it wasn't our words. I love them so much. I just love the families here.
Love you so much. Hope you like all the pictures!

Dinner with the I’s who are basically the Austin, TX version of the Greenwoods.
Deer!!! Just roamin on people's lawns.
My sweet comp Sister B
It's rained for a few days straight but that don't stop missionaries!!
Lost the mail key for like four days. All that mail was so exciting even though most of it wasn't for us! haha

Love you xoxoxo

Nov. 17th
The pictures cracked me up. Especially that hideous mustache thing. Oh and the family Christmas picture. Oh my those boys crack me up!! Glad daddy is feeling better
Yes, we are freezing cold. I'm such a sissy. Apparently this humid cold is a lot worse than regular cold and snow. The ward is amazing. The bishop is so inspired and such a man of God. Sister B makes me laugh every day and the work is the Lord's work. I'm learning so much I can't even write about it all.
So we've been really just knocking and walking a lot. We are trying some new ideas and approaches though. This week a guy answered who the window cleaning guy had just walked out. Sister B asked if his windows were all clean now and he said yeah. "Well," I said, "We do the inside cleaning." We laughed and he chuckled but apparently I'm not very funny... We met people that I know the Lord sent us to even if they didn't want us in it was a reminder to them. Great things are going to happen in this area. We feel it. Oh! I even started talking to this girl in the parking lot because she had a sweatshirt for a ranch on and a horse necklace. I was wearing my horseshoe nail necklace from daddy and totally sparked a kinship. The next day we met her and her dad and they were very nice but weren't interested in learning more. But I just love these people!

Most of all though, I love yall and pray for you all the time.
Sister Malary Greenwood

Nov 24th

Love you more than the number of cowboys hats and boots in Texas.

The capitol building was really fun. Very Texan. I met the cutest little girl who was there for her "Wish". She was fighting cancer and dressed up like a ranger. She was like 10 I think and super cute.
Thanksgiving is going to be awesome. I don't know how, but we are going to the H's house in our ward and the K’s. The K’s are like classic country Texans. Their daughter is the one that reminds me of Audrey. The dad has always had this huge beard. He came over and talked to us at church one day about Thanksgiving and I totally didn't recognize who he was. He shaved his beard! I wasn't sure why since all the men in their family have a huge beards. But then during the opening part of sacrament, he stood up to be the new high council man. Yup. He had to shave. Their family is so awesome. I'll be sure to take pictures. Have fun with the missionaries over for Thanksgiving. Those lucky Elders! I have no idea what I want for Christmas. Maybe just some clothes money since my skirts are falling apart. Haha.There's quite a few Goodwills around here. Anything yall want from deep in the heart of Texas? I'm so excited for pie. There were three that one different awards but the chocolate coconut one was so good. Transfers are in like 2 weeks.

So.... what yall have been waiting for... drum roll please. I was in a car accident. People immediately were there to help. The other driver was totally ok and we were shaken up but fine. You know I haven't really been in an accident before so that was freaky but the firefighters were AMAZING. They cracked jokes the whole time and really really helped us out. The Elders came and picked us up and gave us blessings after everything. Prayer is so real. There were angels in the car. The prompted prayers around was so inspired. They came from Sister B’s family was well. I've learned so much. The Atonement of Jesus Christ can heal all wounds physical and spiritual. We keep working hard. We walked a lot and then members started helping us out and we've had miracles. We've taught great people. OH! That pregnant lady we met a month or so ago? SHE CALLED US! Her mother was coming into town. She asked if we'd still be willing to come help her. She had her baby and needed help around the house. We were so excited!! She's amazing. We invited her to our stake Christmas Musical program coming up. She's very active in her own church but she felt something. We taught some great people this week! Hopefully they will progress and keep allowing us to share with them. I love this ward. The people are so amazing and help us out with anything. The bishop is so amazing and we love him. He cracks me up. I love them and these amazing families here.

All is well. All is well. Hurrah for Israel! Leavin' it all on the field. Love all yall!
Sister Malary Greenwood

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