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Can You Believe I already have December done??? Here is Mal'sDecember

Merry Christmas (late) Enjoy her thoughts and appreciation for so many blessings.


Like every single week, the pictures never fail to make me so happy. That's so cool Elder Taylor/Not Elder Taylor anymore visited!! He was really the first Elder with Elder Hensley to start the mission prep classes? That's so fun! Thanksgiving was awesome here too. Pecan pie, deep fried turkey, and all kinds of yummy sides. With the one family that was a daughter just like Audrey it almost scared me. Her name is M. She comes in the house, gym shorts, cowboy boots, very muddy knees, and I thought of Audrey. We ate at the kid table and this wasp lands on one of the kids plates. M whips out her pocket knife and chases down the wasp to stab it. Laster we were talking with her dad, Brother K, (who's pretty amazing) and she's killed a few deer this past year. In Texas you need 10 acres of land to shoot and they have 9. M was begging him the other day to shoot this deer on their propterty and he said "no, I’ll go to jail!" And she responded just how Audrey would and has. "So?" Hahaha It was so much fun. Then we went to the H’s. Sister B and I were bursting with how much we ate. I actually had to undo the side top button on my skirt I was so full!! Hahaha I should have worn a stretchy skirt!
It's so fun to hear all the fun things going on and see how big everyone is getting. It's fun to see pictures of missionaries too! The best Christmas gift would be to have a family be taught and baptized in our ward:) But there's a nice Goodwill here that I can buy some clothes at. That's really all I need. But it's not even an urgent thing either. The weather has been perfect then today it's pretty cold and windy. Sister B says hello! I cannot believe it's almost Christmas. Yall NEED to watch the "He is the Gift" video and share it with everyone. That's all we are using in our missionary efforts and contacting
What was really amazing this week was when we were tracting in an apartment complex and we knocked into this couple from Puerto Rico. The husband let us right in and we met his sweet wife. She only spoke Spanish. We taught the Restoration and we were all feeling the Spirit immensely. He translated every part of the lesson to her. He said things like "I know you didn't knock on my door for no reason. God sent you. I feel God here." I just love them. We had a pass off lesson with the Spanish called missionaries and they had a great lesson. They will be baptized! It's so exciting to be led by the Lord. Another young lady in a different complex was walking up the stairs so I told her who we were and she was like, "wait... mormon missionaries? I was taught by missionaries in Georgia!" She moved a few months ago and hadn't been in contact with anyone about the church. That was amazing. This week has been full of miracles. I LOVE TEXAS. This is such an amazing, faith based, spirit led, family focused, and joyful mission. Thank you for everything, including yall being my prime gospel teachers. I love you so so much.

Much Love,
Sister Malary Greenwood

second Thanksgiving dinner! (how do her skirts still fit?)

Martinellis and a boot! How cute!

Sister missionaries, preparing to chow down!

This is a very Thankful girl on Thanksgiving

This was their first Thanksgiving dinner!

Dec 8

I'm so excited for Skype! We have no idea our plans for Christmas or how it will work yet but when it gets closer I'll let you know. Sister B is the most amazing companion. I love her and cannot wait till yall can meet her. She's going to be a sister in our family now. Glad that sweet grandma called you! Her husband was a mission president and she had four missionaries serve. She thought you'd like a call. That was nice of her. Glad Daddy is recovering speedily. I'm sure daddy wants to be out working asap. I'm grateful I inherited that work ethic gene (or rather you beat it into me). Haha I love just being out and working. Even at the end of the days the numbers don't show it or if your pessimistic you could miss all the miracles God unfolded right in front of you. I loved the pictures. Thank you for including a picture of Benny. So I read what you said about Brian and the chopsticks to our bench of emailing missionaries in the family history library. Cracked every one up. Facebook worthy I'm sure. Thank you for your fasting and prayers. Every ounce of faith blesses us. The Lord hears and lets Sister Burrows and I hear it too. The spiritual experiences have been like treasure to me more than anything else. People ask me why I'm serving or what made me decide to serve. I always knew I would. But one reason I share with people is because I want all my siblings to serve and experience the things God has to shape them to their divine potential. 

I can't believe Elder W is going home! I'm so grateful he served as my zone leader in SA. Missionaries were always trying to get the scoop on him haha But every single missionary looked up to him and his powerful testimony. I'm excited to hear where Robby goes. If he prays really hard and repents a lot, he might be worthy enough to be a TSAMer. Haha Wow, that was a bust of pride... But the TSAM is the best thing ever. I love President S and his wife.

There's one amazing experience I wanted to share that happened with a member in our ward. Sister R is a convert of a few years. Elders knocked on her door one day and as she says, "I was ready!" She was an elementary school teacher but her health declined and now she's retired and wheelchair bound. The Stake here has a Christmas concert they put on every year for the community. It's big. Everything is bigger in Texas. Sister R wanted to invite her apartment building to the program. We planned it all out. She wanted to climb the stairs, knock on their doors, and invite them. She did exactly that. I stood behind her going up the stairs. One at a time. She was exhausted. I carried her wheelchair up so she could rest and invite people. She testified at all her neighbors' doors. They were all touched by her commitment and love for her Savior. The way back down was harder. She had to sit on each step and pull herself with her arms while I guided her weak legs and Sister B braced her from behind. She is my hero. If she did that, what in the world could stop us from making a simple invite to a friend or stranger? The love of our Savior motives and changes us. I'm so grateful to be in a ward with such faithful members. We all need to be more like Sister R.

I love y'all so much.
Sister Greenwood
Longhorn instead of reindeer

Cabela's where they meet in the parking lot to go on exchanges!

Mal's tree. It is just one step up from Charlie Brown, but the message of what is important at Christmas is not forgotten.

Hola familia,

Not sure on the skype thing. A family did volunteer to have us over and use their computers. But hopefully it will all be figured out by next monday. I loved the pictures. The boys are hilarious. Yay for last week of classes! The kids here are excited for Christmas break. Our Christmas party was last Friday and it was so cute. The last event was the nativity. The kids ran off and on the stage for their parts as Brother I narrated. I was watching them and I just felt how much I love this ward. They are amazing. A little girl named A sat in front of us at church. That family is from Utah and never had much interaction with the missionaries. "Sister Missionaries!!" She always calls to us. She stared at us like all of sacrament meetings. She draws us pictures all the time. There's nothing that melts your heart quite like little kids running to press their faces to the window at the door and yell "The sister missionaries are here!" I might have wrote that to you already but it's just so cute.

We've been teaching with the video "He is the Gift." We've shared it with people out walking their dog and they pull it up on their smart phones. Or on their doorstep. Or even let us into their home. A non practicing Muslim family from Turkey love it and the Book of Mormon. Wow. The Spirit pieces peoples' hearts. I've seen so many miracles. I can't do anything. Everything is the Lord's will. I love the TSAM. We are having an ALL mission conference this wednesday and I'm
Sister Burrows and I got to go to the temple this past week for the first time on our missions. It was incredible. Everyone that can go to the temple. GO. People who cannot. Go look at the Christmas lights and think of the Savior and how He can help you enter in those beautiful doors.

Love ya lots,
Sister Malary Greenwood

Pictures: San Antonio Temple

Dec 22
I can't figure out how Christmas is already here... It's been a year since I went through the temple. There's been a lot of reflection going through my head and I'm so grateful for all that has happened. We had a young woman come out with us who puts her papers in next October. She said that she cannot wait and just wants to leave. I remember that exactly feeling and here I am 9 months in to this amazing mission. Mission time is weird... Thank you for the pictures. I can't get over how big everyone is. Christmas sounds like it's going to be a party at the Greenwood house! Whoop whoop! So we will be skyping at the F's home. We gave them your cell number to coordinate. There are such a sweet family. We plan on Skyping at 2pm Texas time We have a time limit of 40 minutes. I'm so excited!!!

We had our mission wide Christmas conference last Wednesday. IT WAS AMAZING. I wish Sister Bu would have sang in the talent show. I got to see people from my MTC district. It was a little sad because all of my past companions are home so there was no reuniting. But I saw Elder and Sister C from my time on the air force base! I'll have to tell you about it. Love all yall so much and can't wait to see yall!!

Sister Greenwood

Pictures: "Marianachi-naries" sang at the talent show. Hilarious.
A cartoon from Sister G who served in the Washington DC mission in 1999. She showed this to us and boy is it accurate.

Sister B and I so happy. That is a scarf grandma hampton just sent me!

She says the Texas star is everywhere!

"Marianachi-naries" sang at the talent show. Hilarious.

Dec 29
I LOVED the pictures! Yall look great. Sister B recognized the place where yall were. It looks super cold. Grandma Hampton sent me some great pictures too. Christmas was so much fun. But it just came and went! You really have to enjoy every second and find joy in little things because it flies by. Sister B and I loved skyping. I can't wait for you to meet her family. When people ask us about skyping I tell them about the hillbilly teeth. They crack up! That was fun. I loved seeing yall and laughing so much. Sister B thinks yall are hilarious and that Brian is super cute. I really had an amazing Christmas with my Hill Country Ward family. The work is moving ward and we keep teaching people! I love teaching. I love feeling the Spirit direct us, especially in studies, on what people need. Just this morning we were personally studying and I was thinking of our lessons tonight and then in companionship study, Sister B thought of the same topic that I did for a lady we are teaching tonight. COMP UNITY! I love this mission and I love President S. I love yall and hope you have a happy happy New Year!

Sister Malary Greenwood

Thanks for reading about Malary's mission experience. I know she appreciates all your prayers and well wishes. She is incredibly happy and grateful that she can serve a mission. Write, email, and send pictures. She loves to hear from you!

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