Monday, January 26, 2015

New Companion!

Jan 26th

Jan 26th
Hello family,

I'm glad you liked the deep in the heart of Texas story. I thought it was a highlight of that week. Dinners are fantastic, Austin is weird, and the work moves forward. No snow for us. It's been a little chilly at nights but perfect during the day. Audrey's steer is so cute! He sounds like a rascal. I loved the updates from what's going on. That's my favorite part of emailing. Tell 'em all I love them.

Transfers were crazy! I miss Sister B like crazy. It didn't seem like we were together for four and a half months. She's now in San Antonio. My new companion is Sister F. She's from UT but was born in the Marshall Islands. She has been out for just about five months. Sister F is a powerful, bold teacher. It's been miracle after miracle. It's the first time I'm older than my companion! The most amazing thing about Sister F is that she's an American Sign Language sister. She prays and teaches in sign all the time. She even translated in a ward that's in our stake for a deaf family. She took ASL in high school but her trainer has a passion for teaching deaf people. So President Slaughter allowed them to study sign. She I'm doing language study with her and she's teaching me. It's so much fun. We finger spell in sacrament and then she teaches me the sign. I love it.  

The P family's baptism was beautiful. The Spirit bore witness that their baptisms were done by the power and authority of God. They are so happy. The Pleasant family radiates joy. I'm so happy for them. I love them so much. Sister F and I did the talk on baptism. We simple and shorty stated the elements of true baptism how Christ taught: 1) True baptism is only for believers 2) True baptism is only for the repentant 3) True baptism is by immersion like Christ 3) True baptism is done by the proper priesthood authority from God and 4) True baptism is followed by the laying on of hands to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm so happy for them. I cannot wait until they enter into the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity in a year.

I look forward to baby goat pictures!! I love preaching the gospel and teaching the restoration of Christ's Church. I'm leaving it all on the field.

Love you always,
Sister Malary Greenwood

Pictures: We ate at Salt Lick BBQ for Sister B's birthday. It's a world famous place, an original. It's waaay delicious. I got a tshirt that has a picture on the back of their bbq pits says "You can smell our pits from miles away!" That yall would enjoy that.

For her birthday, I started her on the birthday cereal tradition. Frozen cereal. The best!

The birthday cereal tradition has spread! Happy birthday Sister B!

Dinner at Salt Lick

Looks like a lot of leftovers!

New companion! Sister F!

What a pair! Sister B has transferred to a new area, but I am sure they will still get to see each other!

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