Monday, January 26, 2015

Frozen January

January 12th

Hahaha Your opening question cracked me up. I needed that. Glad you like the hair cut! At first it was super weird. But I love it now. I can't wait to see Frank pass the sacrament. That's awesome. I loved what you put at the end of the email of what the boys said. It makes me so happy! I don't believe how tall Joey is now. I loved especially the lalalala song from Nacho that Brian quoted. That kid's a hoot. Tell Brian if he comes to the TSAM it means he is "highly favored of the Lord." This mission is special! If he comes here that would be awesome. Especially if Robby comes here!!!
I can't wait for y’all to meet the families here someday. Your primary class sounds awesome. Prays coming your way always! The pictures you sent me were awesome. The weather is literally freezing. The lowest I saw was 29 in the car. One day when tracting it was like 34 degrees and raining. Ice was everywhere. The plants were all frozen over. We were walking under a tree and ice started to fall out of it and whacking us! It's still cold but not freezing. I'm SO excited for all of y’all to serve missions. It's so exciting. I'm already excited to serve a senior mission! Hahaha Sister B is doing so well. We are having so much fun. Brother P is the first baptism she will be experiencing on the mission. And boy does she have more to come. She's such a hard working sister. Y’all will love her. I’m learning so much. I LOVE the people here.

But, I love all yall so much more.
Sister Malary Greenwood

P.S. We knocked a California Cove! Haha

Icy icicles! Why is she out walking around in freezing weather?

Gotta take a picture at California cove :)

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