Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy New Year Sister Greenwood!

January 5th

WOW! It's just cold all over the states! I can't believe it snowed. And I missed it! It's 40 degrees right now and was 27 I think this morning. How fun! Good luck with school. All the kids went back today and we have some teachers in our ward and they are dreading it. I can't believe all those Elders are home! Wow. Glad you saw Elder Warren. He was such a great leader. That's cool you saw Jan Peterson! I've been thinking about them. I loved the pictures. They cracked me up. Carne asada fries sound so good!! Definitely a Cali thing. Not much of it here. I just love you guys.

We've been so busy. Almost no time to sit! This past week a father in our ward has decided to be baptized. I LOVE the P family. The mother is very active. She's an amazing teacher. Mom, you would love her. They have two children, who are going to be baptized with their dad at the end of the month. We've been teaching him like crazy and he's so amazing. They have an amazing story. The Lord has truly been working on his heart. We will have to go to their sealing next year! I attached a picture of their kids one night went we went over for a lesson. They had hillbilly teeth and mustaches. I'm tellin’ ya, y’all will love them.

Thank you so much for the hilarious email and even more hilarious pictures. I love all y’all so much. Oh.. by the way... I cut my hair. Surprise! And gas was 1.99 9/10 I've NEVER seen it so low! Haha
Love, Sister Malary Greenwood
Low gas prices!

Glow stick creation. TSAM=Texas San Antonio Mission 

Flamingos here are a big deal. I find it quite hilarious. I will always knock on doors with flamingos in the yard:)

Hair cut!

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