Monday, January 26, 2015

Deep in the Heart of Texas

January 19th

Hola mi familia,

I'm thinking about the McCallops a lot and praying for them. I love Aunt Judy. She was such a hoot. I love them so much. I'm so grateful that we have the knowledge of God's perfect plan. It's a plan of happiness. Death is an essential step to eternal progression. How grateful should we be that our families can be sealed for time and all eternity not severed by death because of the restored powers of God to a prophet. Hurrah for Israel!

This week flew by with all the things we had to get done. Drum roll for transfer news.......Sister B is leaving! We are so sad. I love Sister B. She's been an amazing companion. But she's going to do amazing things wherever she goes. Transfer meeting is this Thursday. The weather has been a perfect 70 degrees the past couple days. A little chilly in the mornings but perfect for tracting during the day. The kids sound like they’re doing awesome. Of course they are, they’re Greenwoods! Good luck with classes and running. Being able to just run is a blessing. It's been too cold in the mornings to run lately. Plus I'm so not in shape anymore haha’
Here are my messages to the kids:

Robert: Keep going out with the Elders. I was thinking about a good way to prepare for a mission. The best way I can think is to invite a friend to hear from the missionaries or come to church and see the gospel change their lives. You will have a deeper motivator and sense of purpose when you’re looking for those people who will act. P.S. Did you get the pictures I sent you?

Audrey: When you are a missionary you will school these Elders with your basketball skills. A little girl's resolution was to milk a cow. I was thinking how cool it is that my sister raises and milks goats.

Joey: I hear you are a teenager. Good luck. I wish I had a video of you telling a story to hear your man voice. Oo! Sing that Josh turner song and record it for me! hahaha

Frank: I miss you tons. I tell funny stories about you a lot. I'm still looking for the perfect wife for you. Just you wait...

Brian: Lalalalala lalalalala  i love you (whispered very softly) Shhh...secret tunnels. Love ya! Work hard in baseball and school. Share the gospel with them too. Get your whole team and coaches to come to church!!! That would be so awesome!! I know you can do it.

Oh hilarious story! Ready? At a zone conference last week (with the mission president I might add) we sang a thank you song to the relief society women that prepared our lunch. Then this lady gets on the stage and says "I have one for you." She yells, "THE STARS AT NIGHT ARE BIG AND BRIGHT.." I did the claps and said "DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS." You will be proud to know that I was the only one. Maybe one other faint elder but it was hilarious. Thank you for raising me on PeeWee Herman's Big Adventure.

Love all yall with all my heart. Deeper than the heart of Texas.
Sister Greenwood

Two amazing missionaries

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