Monday, May 26, 2014

NO pictures!

Well, this is from the last week, I'm slow this week. She didn't send any pictures, but she does let us know about her new companion.
From Sister Greenwood:
My new companion is Sister Fitisemanu! She's from L.A.! Her family is Samoan but she was born and raised in Cali. You can imagine we get along so well. Before Sister Iverson got transferred to another area, we had a very spiritual lesson. This young woman and her sister and her sister's kids let us into their home to hear the restoration. We use the Church's restoration pamphlets showing the pictures inside asking why they see. We had her read Joesph Smith's first vision experience from the pamphlet. Everytime, without fail, that sacred experience brings the spirit in abundance. We finished the restoration leaving a Book of Mormon and since they were married we told them about the Elders so they can attend a family ward. Turns out their younger brother is being taught by the Elders and they wanted to know what he was learning! So amazing. The Lord places us where we need to be. That whole street was like playing that kid's game hot and cold with the Lord. Cold, cold, warmer, cold, colder, warmer, warmer, hot, hot, closer, BURNING, YOURE ON FIRE! Hahaha I love it.

Sister Fitisemanu and I did breakout on base and church on base for the first time together. I was worried that I would forget things and mess up and look ridiculous. It went so well. We got a good group of trainees at breakout with two nonmembers that want to learn. At church, President C announced our class to everyone that whoever wanted to learn could follow us. Sister Fitisemanu and I stood up and 27 trainees stood up to follow us our the door to our classroom. WOW! But we had prepared. We were excited. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7) We have some trainees interested in baptism and taking all the lessons. The Lord has blessed us so much. I love sharing what makes me really happy and hopeful for eternity. 

On Saturday, Sister Fitisemanu and I were trying to find some former investigators of the church. We knocked on one house and the former didn't live there but her brother did! He's such a sweet soul. He confessed that he made mistakes. Mistakes that hurt him, his family, and others. He said he wished he could start over. I testified that he could. He could start completely over and follow Christ. He desires to change. I can't wait to see the Lord's atonement work on his heart. He will come to church Sunday. I'm so happy the Lord prepares people. The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ improves quality of life. The atonement is real. Watch the Mormon Message Forgiveness:My Burden Was Made Light. It truly testifies how the Atonement heals, comforts, and is really a beautiful gift. It's already been done. Christ has suffered, lived, and died for us. He lives now! Come unto Him. His arms are ALWAYS stretched forth to hold you. I know this to be true. 

My time on the library computer is up!! Too short! I will send pictures hopefully later today at the apartment office. Love all yall so much. Thank you for the prayers, letters, emails, and thoughts. Nothing will frustrate the Lord's plan. 

Sister Greenwood

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