Monday, May 19, 2014

Short letter after Mother's Day

Oops! I didn't post this last week. The fires threw me off. It is a short letter because we had just skyped for mother's day. What a great experience that was! It was the first time the mission skyped. She skyped from the foyer at church, so there were a lot of interruptions. It was pretty funny. People were talking to her, and walking past and waving hi in the background. I loved every second of it! She is staying, although her companion Sister Iverson is being transfered to a new area. I can't wait to find out about her new companion!
Here is her letter:

You're right! Short letter. Today was crazy. I'm staying! Sister Iverson will be leaving me and I will get a new trainer. It's hard, but the Lord knows best. She's going to be a sister training leader somewhere! We will find out Thursday. So, same address for at least the next six weeks.
We went to the zoo today with Sister Iverson's recent convert she won’t see again for a long while. We went with this amazing family with three little kids. They are so sweet! The little girl told me she wanted to be a sister missionary. I remember when the Sisters lived at Grandmas and thinking that I wanted to be like them. Wow. That was a long time ago. I'm trying to be and working to be that Sister that little girls think, I want to be a sister missionary like her.

I'll make a list of stuff but nothing crazy since we talked. Which was so cool! This was the first time the mission skyped. I can't write anyone else this week but I will next week. Ashlyn is so sweet. Tell her I love her and sorry I can't email. We have SO MUCH TO DO! Don't know how you'll turn this into a blog post. I'm glad to be staying in the singles ward and military branch, but I will miss sister Iverson so much. I'll let you know who my new companion is next Monday! This is going to be one crazy week. The Lord is steering us to hasten is work. Let the new transfer begin!

Love you,
Sister Greenwood
This is her Harry Potter impression for Frank :)

They went to the zoo with this family. How Fun!

This is how we spoke to Malary on Mother's day! It was great! Don't you just LOVE that smile?!?!?

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