Monday, May 26, 2014

This weeks letter (On time) I love the donut story!

I received Mal's email today. She is once again super busy and out of time. She at least sent us a few pictures. Enjoy! (The red parentheses are from me explaining some of Mal's references)

Sister Greenwood and Sister F

Apparently there were about 10 barking dogs trying to eat them through this fence. Exciting mission stuff :)

This is the church were they have their "break out" Sessions. That is were they teach the gospel on Sundays.

Their missionary tags. I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing tag.
From Mal,

OH MY GOSH! I'm out of time but tell Haylee to write me. THATS SO COOL! (Haylee is a good friend of Mal's who recieved her mission call to Oslo Norway)  Elder Warren is my zone leader and it's so awesome! I was pretty excited and think it's so crazy! Haha (Elder Warren is a young man serving his mission in the same area as Mal and he is from our ward here in Fallbrook!) Thank you for the pictures. I love them.

Yes to the pictures. (I sent pictures and asked if she recieved them) I thought I already told you how awesome it was to have them to show to people. I showed a father going through BMT now who's not a member but his wife is and her family. He really wants to go to the temple to get sealed. I showed the pictures and talked about it and he started crying and it was so sweet.
Anyways! This week flew by! It's raining like crazy out here! There's a few things I wanted to mention about this week. One day out knocking we were getting to the end of the street and hadn't found anyone really interested. Across the street, we decided to knock on their door. I thought Sister F said, "They'll answer." I said of course. But we got closer and noticed the car in the driveway was a Lancer. She had pointed out, "A Lancer." Lo and behold a young single adult answered the door! We set up a return appointment for a few days later, went back, and she wasn't home but her brother was! We taught him the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ on his door step using the awesome pamphlet and invited him to be baptized and set up a return appointment for tonight.
Other awesome experience of the Lord steering His work happened this week. We were trying to find a member of the branch that hadn't been coming so we were hoping to meet him and see if we could help with anything. Well we didn't know where we were and kept turning around. Having a GPS is awesome but the Lord likes to lead us too. Finally, we noticed a little two story run down complex tucked in the back and decided to try there. There was a kid outside so we asked if the member we were looking for lived there. He said no and got his mom. "Sister, look at this!!" Sister F pointed to the door and on the door was our "x" marks the spot. On their door was a Jesus Christ pass a long card that we hand out to people!! It was super faded from the sun and torn a little. The mom comes and we asked her where she got it. Her sister gave it to her but no one knows about the Church! We taught her, and three of her kids, about the Restoration. The Spirit was so strong. Sister F said Joesph Smith's experience of the first vision when he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. She said, "Whew, I just got chills all the way down to my feet." The accepted to learn more and it was such a neat experience.
The most spiritual and powerful experience this week was our investigator class on the Lackland Air Force Base Sunday. A trainee had asked us last week while walking out of class if we could bring donuts. We laughed and said we would try. While deciding what lesson to teach that week, we figured out how we could use donuts for our lesson. For some people, this might sound familiar from something you've read. But we lived. The trainees came into class and we had a big bowl of chocolate covered donuts on the table. I asked who liked donuts and everyone raised their hand! Of course. Airmen K, a very active return missionary came to class to help us with this lesson. We asked the first trainee (the one who requested donuts last week) if he wanted one. He was SO excited. So I asked Airmen K to do 10 pushups so this trainee could have a donut. He easily pumped them out. Next trainee. Yes, he wants a donut. 10 pushups. Enjoy the donut! At about the fifth person, he said he didn't want one. "Airmen K, 10 pushups for this trainee." At this point, K was slower. Around the room giving donuts after 10 pushups. Soon trainees are asking if they can help or do the pushups. Nope. Only K can for them. Two more trainees late for class walked in. Of course they wanted a donut! 20 more pushups. I went into the hallway and found two more who wanted donuts! K's body was struggling. His body came up halfway, then all the way, only to lower back down to the ground. The Spirit in that room intensified. Some counted to help. They expressed feelings like they were glad it wasn't them, their arms hurt just watching, or they felt bad. Then K did 20 more so Sister Fitisemanu and I could have a donut. Red faced, out of breath, and dizzy Airmen K did 160 pushups. He didn't even know how difficult it was going to be. Both of us and K bore our testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. He's already paid for you. Already suffered for you. Everything you have gone through or ever will. I asked K if he could imagine if the whole base wanted donuts. Imagine the whole world. The Spirit testified of the Savior's Atonement. Repentance is more beautiful then a chocolate covered donut; believe it or not. Then we opened the floor for the trainees to bear testimony. Oh boy was the Spirit intense! It was quiet. I almost was going to say something and I was prompted to stay quiet for a little longer. So I did. Then a trainee bore his testimony of how he's alive today because of a priesthood blessing. WOW. I KNOW they felt the Spirit. I can't even describe in words how powerful it was. I wish all yall were there to feel and experience it!!
Thank you for your prayers and letters and love. I love serving in Texas. I love learning how to be like my Savior. We cannot even comprehend what he went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. But I can feel the power and the love of my Savior everyday. Try to recognize those experience in your life this week and let me know how it goes.

Love, Sister Greenwood 

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